What one refers to as “Angels”…


When a bird flying high,
fell from the sky…
having burned its wings,
it broke a new sigh.

The trees asked,
each other…
“who would help the bird now?
Would it ever walk – let alone fly now?”

“Where are the clouds now
for providing a shade?
Where’s the breeze now
for which bird sung the praise?”

Acid rain of bleakness occurs
and like the wound it hurts,
When air of hopelessness
lurks, it spreads the fears.

Yet in very wounds
enters a light,
in darkness we meet those,
who support
and back our fight.

Fallen bird was helped
by few kind and generous ones…
Their presence was no
shorter than of miracles.

True it is,
when they say
charm of presence works,
it’s not a myth,
what they refer to as “Angels”.

– Dedicated to the angels of course…

Dear all,

Today, this blog has completed a year of its existence… I certainly have lots of people to thank for it. Because without their presence, their constant support and encouragement it might not have survived – let alone thrived and been this populated.

My first thanks is to all the readers and frequent visitors… Thank you for being there, I will try not to disappoint you…

Now like, every structure has its foundation, there’s been people here who have continuously backed the serenades of this lazy dreamer.

My special thanks to…

Areesha Khuwaja, for convincing me to create a blog and giving it a boast by posting my poems along her original art work.
Maria Imran, for standing by and encouraging in all endeavors through out from very beginning…
Lala Rukh, for always showing up with words of encouragement and praise.
Sonya Kassam, for her kind words, comments and inspiration.
Aminah Tasleem and Tayyeba Irum, for appreciation and anticipation of more writing from my end.
Shereen Aljarrah, for her support and elegance.
Maryam Hannelore, for continuous support, motivation, and generosity.
Bob (rjl2727), for his friendship and motivation.
Sidra Kamal, for her gracious acts, encouragement and sincerest comments.
Miss Maqsood, for her continuous encouragement and motivation over my mediocre translations of great Urdu poems.
Moniba, for her classic taste and unbeatable standards…
Asma Zia, for her words of appraisals and inspirational scene write-ups.
Hina Arshad, for kind words and encouragement of poems.
Hira Jamil, for words of appraisal and support.
Aima Yusaf Jamal, for her appreciative comments.
Daman-e-Zehra, for her praise and relating poems with other poems,
Mr. Wajahat, for encouragement and support.
Miss Rida, for thorough and detailed comments, appraisals and encouragement.
Sahrish Iftikhar, for kind words and praise of poems.
Miss Himani B, for kind comments, esteemed taste and inspirational poems.
Miss Chatty Owl, for her reading the poems way they are meant, and endorsing the translations.
Alice, for always picking up something new in a poem to praise it with.
Huda Bukhari, for her nice and detailed comments along discussion.
Pamela and Bharti Singh for appreciations and kind comments.
Ihsan Jaffer, silent yet a regular visitor to endorse the poems.
Hira Nazir, for her generous comments and motivation.

Thank you to following again for their original poems so well written, that it enticed a response in me:
Maria Imran, Aminah Tasleem, Shereen Aljarrah, Hira Jameel, Sidra Kamal…

I hope I have not missed mentioning anyone… Nevertheless, I am truly grateful and thankful to each soul who has been here…

Stay Blessed and Keep Rocking! 🙂

Who are the angels, who are the birds, I don't know... I know only of one who did draw wings with me on snow...

What are the birds, who are the angels, perhaps I don’t know…
If I know, then it is those who did draw wings with me on snow…



14 thoughts on “What one refers to as “Angels”…

  1. Oh mister, it was an honour to know you. And i know in the future posts i will continue finding talent, beauty, love, emotion in your poems. Your constant support and words are as encouraging as they are inspiring. Stay great. Stay awesome.

  2. Many congratulations Ali. It is quite an achievement. And thanks from me to all your other angels for providing the atmosphere to encourage you to write. Deep within, I aspire to express myself the way you do. All the best for the future.

    • Thank you, Sonya… I get inspirations from your poems, they are so simple to read yet deep in thought, that brevity along soul is art rare, would be an honor to write something with you one day… 🙂

  3. This poem is lovely. Short and sweet, I must say. 🙂
    Happy one year on wordpress, Ali 🙂
    Please, your translations in no way are mediocre (I know you are not gonna agree, but everyone else will).
    Thank You for the translations, and the motivation was always in greed for more gems :P. Just Kidding.
    Your work deserves the praise that you are being bestowed with 🙂
    All the best for the coming years of blogging and translating 😛

  4. Beautiful poem…. Really beautiful. Many Congratulations on completing one whole year… You are an excellent poet and through this blog we have come to know that. Aren’t you published yet? If so, tell us about it.
    I am honored to see my name in the list. Appreciating you for your excellent work was never for any reward, it came out naturally. Many prayers for a big bright future ahead 🙂

  5. Oh! I saw this today :p I’m sorry for my negligence and careless behavior. Well.. you know me. ANYWAYS! I read almost all of your blog posts, today. I actually fall short of words for appreciation, everytime, I read your poems. They are amazing! You’re a great writer and umm… Congratulations!
    Keep writing. Keep surprising us.
    Stay awesome.

    ( be back on twitter & facebook -_- )

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