Slowly Slowly…

Lodi Vineyard & Mustard Blossom - Caroline Henry

Mirroring clouds, foliage is floating, slowly slowly…

Stepping into her vineyard, the lover
became dizzy, breeze whispered alluringly:
“Inhale me no faster than breaths, monsieur.
bathe in my fragrance, slowly slowly.”

Exhale of thy frozen vapors, will be pouring, slowly slowly…
Foliage shall too mirror clouds today, floating slowly slowly…

Make yourself a canvas and soak yourself in her hues,
Awe later, the effects spell-binding, slowly slowly.

For both the union and the separation has its own merits,
Each beast has a prey ready for devouring, slowly slowly…

After years of temperance, monk located a golden chalice,
But wine too needs an air, continue savoring slowly slowly.

Then see, what ale turns into, when mixed into the blood,
Feel a tired day kissing, a night’s reckoning, slowly slowly…

She recognized him in the dark by a rising tide in his voice,
kissing his shore, her ocean began melting, slowly slowly.

In the night of an influence, drunkard spilled like a torn sky,
In mist of a morning, caterpillars were crawling, slowly slowly.

Eh! Drunkard, you slipped your stature on reflection of goddess,
Your shock is vanishing fast; her stains, vaporizing, slowly slowly.

Since your dawn, the savagery has ended, but long way still,
The mighty steps to civilization are moving, slowly slowly.

What not he did to stop, the breeze of new era from flowing,
Eventually time broke each Red Tsar dominating, slowly slowly.

Under your spell, one surmounted to break records heavenly,
That ecstasy left early, hangover is leaving, slowly slowly.

“Poison of separation takes its due time to settle, my love
Read my words in patience, sinking, slowly slowly…”

As soon as the letters read turned into a labyrinthian,
Reality grew closer, dreams began fading, slowly slowly.

For a change, wonder, a state of our vicious exhibition,
In a cold fire, glistering coal is burning, slowly slowly.

Be little kind oh love, show up even if just to curse some more,
Here, the rumors of banishment are spreading slowly slowly.

Keep inquiring in love, my state for few days more,
Into one, all ailments will be merging, slowly slowly.

When stream comes rushing into thy neighbor’s doors…
Don’t expect your door to receive knocking, slowly slowly.

Found a seeker staring a high clock for uncounted hours…
Old memories were too beside, swinging, slowly slowly.

The majestic sky is now missing the rare star of  sanctity,
Even if wings are reigning, flight is derailing, slowly slowly.

– Dedicated to all the spells that get cast only to last, slowly slowly…

Disclosure: Ending rhyme is shamelessly inspired by Ameer Minai Ghazal: Aahista Aahista

Rain Clouds - Stanley Rushton

Seeking spring’s return, lake is drying, slowly slowly…

Artwork Credits:

1. Lodi Vineyard & Mustard Blossom – Caroline Henry (
2. Rain Clouds – Stanley Rushton (

4 thoughts on “Slowly Slowly…

  1. Woa. That’s.. a brilliant thing.
    Those “be little kind”, “ocean began melting”, “poison of separation” couplets are exceptionally something. And and the last two. They add perfection to the ġazal.

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