I Desire (Tere ishq ki inteha chahta hun)

– Rendition by a singer: Asrar.


For thy love to cross all extremes, I desire…
Observe, what in my modest dreams, I desire.

Whether a cruelty or your countenance, I deserve…
Mere an excuse to test my seams, I desire.

Blessed be the paradise, for those who seek it,
To come affront you, mere for your gleams, I desire.

Such a little heart I’m, yet with a passion ceaseless,
To meet a source supreme behind beams, I desire.

Just a gust of a passing wind I am, Oh people…
To merge with an ocean, like streams, I desire.

In a gathering full, I uttered the secret aloud…
For ill-manners, a punishment, it seems, I desire.

– Dedicated to Mohammad Iqbal – A philosopher- a poet. (Nov 9th his birthday).

tere ishq kii intahaa chaahataa huu.N
merii saadagii dekh kyaa chaahataa huu.N

sitam ho ki ho vaadaa-e-behijaabii
ko_ii baat sabr-aazamaa chaahataa huu.N

ye jannat mubaarak rahe zaahido.n ko
ki mai.n aap kaa saamanaa chaahataa huu.N

zara sa to dil huu.N magar shaukh itnaa
wohi Lan-Tarani sunna chaahataa huu.N

ko_ii dam kaa mehamaa.N huu.N ai ahal-e-mahafil
chiraaG-e-sahar huu.N, bujhaa chaahataa huu.N

bharii bazm me.n raaz kii baat kah dii
ba.Daa be-adab huu.N, sazaa chaahataa huu.N

– Original poem by Mohammad Iqbal, part of collection called: “Bang-e-Dara” (The Call of the Marching Bell)

Urdu Version:

تیرے عشق کی اِنتہا چاہتا ہوں
میری سادگی دیکھ کیا چاہتا ہوں

ستم ہو کہ ہو وعدئہ بے حجابی
کوئی بات صبر آزما چاہتا ہوں

یہ جنت مُبارک رہے زاہدوں کو
کہ میں آپ کا سامنا چاہتا ہوں

ذرا سا تو دِل ہوں، مگر شوخ اِتنا
وہی لن ترانی سُنا چاہتا ہون

کوئی دم کا مہمان ہوں اے اہلِ محفل
چراغِ سحر ہوں، بجھا چاہتا ہوں

بھری بزم میں راز کی بات کہہ دی
بڑا بے ادب ہوں، سزا چاہتا ہوں

علامہ اقبال

6 thoughts on “I Desire (Tere ishq ki inteha chahta hun)

  1. I would like to add something, according to what I understood.
    All translation was great, except this part “wohi Lan-Tarani sunna chaahataa hun” .
    Lan-tarani means “you will not be able to see me”.. this is what ALLAH said to hazrat MOOSA A.S when hazrat MOOSA A.S asked ALLAH that I want to see you without curtains.
    I am sorry but I think it may be useful if it could add more meanings, though you may already know it 🙂

    • Thank you Waqas, both for your appreciation and input. And you are right, I did know what it means, and what reference it was being used as. And to be honest whole poem didn’t take as much time to be translated, as that single couplet did. I came up with many versions as for how to put it, that it doesn’t loose the essence of original text. Finally I settled on the couplet you are reading. My reasoning behind this is, as the event’s story narrates that Musa (A.S) asked Allah, “Would I be able to see you…?”, the answer of Allah is “You will not be able to see me”. “Lan-Tarani” is a response that he received. And Iqbal here is referencing that negation. What I gathered is that, he wants to see more than what he is capable of, and even if response comes in negation or consequence is not what is expected generally, he will still continue wishing this… So I thought it would be fitting to use… concept of light (beam) and it’s source (original/ supreme).

      I would be more than glad, to know better interpretation and text for translation… 🙂
      Next translation that I have closest for it is:

      Such a little heart I’m, yet with a passion ceaseless,
      Even negation for that who one esteems, I desire.

      • Now I get your point fully 🙂 I had idea that you already knew this, but it is informative for me that I got to know more by viewing this from another angle that I described, I would just say, it’s splendid, the way you translated, I ‘ll keep on reading and enjoying your translations that are put with great efforts and heart. And of course if I know some thing while reading, I would share in sha ALLAH 🙂 jazak ALLAH 🙂

  2. Thank you for your efforts, but It would be great if you could explain this in a little more detail (even if it might seem very obvious to you 🙂 )

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