Though a lover resides in every being (Kartay hein mohabbat sab hi magar)

– Sung by legendary singer Ghulam Ali (originally for Pakistani film: Tum Salamat Raho – 1973)


As midnight strikes and pushes people to swim in the pool of dreams…
In times such as these, lovers spend nights evaporating in love’s heat.

Though a lover resides in every being,
but when all of love gets ever requited?
Each garden surrenders to a spring,
yet not all flowers lead into blossoming!

Neither I was a Romeo, nor were you the Juliet.
We couldn’t mix our souls into one goblet.
Though we weaved together the thousand dreams,
but we couldn’t see in real, even one of them.

I desired it a lot, yet didn’t see it happenning,
You couldn’t keep sanctity of your word.
Now I recall, in an each passing evening…
How your words craved on my skin, cause me burn.

Should I be lifting clouds to unveil your countenance..
People would begin to call you “cold” and “too distant”.
Pushed I am, due an intensity of love that I possess,
In no manner my heart can accept, you being ill-treated.

Now I have reached the conclusion,
I will seal my yearning lips forever.
Let  heart seek warmth in blazed memories,
I will miss you whenever.

– Dedicated to the lovers dwelling in the wells of an unrequited love.

Aadhi raat ko ye duniya wale jab khaaboon mein kho jaate hain
aise mein muhabat key rogi yadoon ke charagh jalate hain

kartey hain muhabat sab hi magar har dil ko sila kab milta hai
aati hai bahaarein gulashan mein har phool magar kab khilta hai

Tu raanjhaa na tha main heer na thi ham apanaa pyar nibha na sake
yun pyar ke khwaab bahut dekhe taabir magar ham paa na sake

maine to bahut chahaa lekin tu rakh naa saki waadon kaa bharam
ab reh reh kar yaad aata hain jo tune kiya is dil pe sitam

pardaa jo hataa dun chehare se tujhe log kahen ge harjai
majabur hun main dil ke haatho manzur nahi teri ruswai

socha hai ke apane hothon par main chup ki mohar lagaa luun ga
main teri sulagati yaadon se ab is dil ko behlaa luun ga

– Original lyrics by: Masroor Anwer


2 thoughts on “Though a lover resides in every being (Kartay hein mohabbat sab hi magar)

  1. I’m deeply into Sufism, and after listening to the video and reading the words in English in parallel – I must admit, it’s triggered off the spiritual trans in me for some reason.

    Glad I read and listened to the video.

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