Few sheets, Few curtains

My dreams duel more for you than they do for another moment…

Playing hide and seek with me…
In bits and pieces, showing a glimmer..
giving me hints like you’re here..
in shadows, a puzzle in making!

Slowly and gradually,
lifting veils, pulling the curtains,
drawing a weapon, from its sheath…
you’re my love, a duel in treading!

Hinting an arrival, turning the hums,
floating on bed of clouds in the wind,
yet making me doubt myself, for hinging…
you’re a silence intruding!

But my love, why put me in such despair?

Do you know not…
I am a bird..!
who even at the day foggiest,
would wait for its sky to appear
right beside the lake…?
To swim through it,
to satiate the thirst…
in desire to taste… what it’s like
to remain untouched by currents of the wind,
but to be drowned in the depths of the ocean, forever…

What else would you call, “the fate of the lover”…?

My love will pierce through, since no light can be kept, nor by sheets nor by curtains…

– Dedicated to what’s often unapproachable, but always near… dreams…

Soundtrack: Bedroom Dreams (From: The Tourist – James Newton Howard)

Photo Credits:

1. Dream Dual – Moon – Stock background
2. Moon-Silver, by Bob Berwyn

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