Have heard it a lot, that prayers do come true (Sunte hain ke mil jaati hai)

Have heard it a lot, that prayers from heart, do come true…
For once, I will wish you just to be mine, to see it through…

– Performed by Jagjit Singh and his partner in both living and life – his wife Chitra Singh


They say: “You can have anything that you would deeply pray for…”
One day, I will test, making you a part of everything I wish for…

After prolonged praying, when encountered universe empty-handed…
Gave up even the lines from hands, which prayers were made for…

Whole world is here to give company, all pathos too are at my doorstep.
Why not accompanied then one, for whom wishing hands arose for…?

Once you come across sight, rains from heavens lend comfort infinite,
Those days were strange too, when only had, warm sands to rest for…

My heart, stop beating and observe silence, on mere an encounter,
assuming ail, beloved may forget what was a discontentment for…

Looking at how lake multiplies charms in weather, with her reflection,
to live for her of all odds, or to consider it worthy enough to die for…?

– Dedicated to the prayers that we linger on to come true…
Also a tribute to the legends, the masters of duet Ghazal singing… Jagjit and Chitra…
They contributed their whole lives to make ghazals a popular house-hold genre…

Sunte hain ke mil jaati hai, Har cheez dua se
Ek roz tumhain maang ke, Dekhenge Khuda se

jab kuchh na milaa haath duaaon ko uThaakar
phir haath uThaane hii paday, ham ko duaa se

duniyaa bhii milii hai Gam-e-duniyaa bhii milaa hai
vo kyuu.N nahin miltaa jisay maaNgaa tha Khuda se

tum saamne baiThe ho to hai kaif kii baarish
vo din bhii thay jab aag barsatii thii ghaTaa se

ae dil tuu unhein dekh kar kuchh aise taDapnaa
aa jaaye ha.Nsii un ko jo baiThe hai.n Khafaa se

aaiine mein vo apnii adaa dekh rahe hain
mar jaaye ki jii jaaye koii unkii balaa se

– Original lyrics by: Rana Akbarabadi

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