How sober ones would know ever (Hosh Walon Ko Khabar Kya)

– Performed by ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, for quite a marvelous Hindi film: ‘Sarfarosh (1999)‘.


How sober ones would know ever,
what being intoxicated is all about…
Indulge in love then taste a mystery,
what being entranced is all about.

Day, since my eyes met with beloved,
wind and fragrance have never parted.
Finally, I have too come to witness,
what being mesmerized is all about.

Curls in tresses, taught wind and
clouds, how to perform a poetry.
Down gazed eyes made it established,
what being imbued is all about.

Words fell short here always, to paint,
state of heart, its deepest desire.
And beloved too missed subdued hint,
what being submerged is all about.

– Dedicated to all those who’re too sober to indulge in true intoxication of love.

Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai
Ishq Kijiye Phir Samjhiye Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai

Un Se Nazre Kya Mili Roshan Fizaye Ho Gaye
Aaj Jana Pyaar Ki Jadoogar Kya Cheez Hai

Khulti Zulfon Ne Sikhaye Mausmon Ko Shayari
Jhukti Aankhon Ne Bataya Mehkashi Kya Cheez Hai

Hum Labon Se Keh Na Paye Un Se Hale Dil Kabhi
Aur Woh Samjhe Nahin Ke Yeh Khamoshi Kya Cheez Hai

– Original poem by Indian Urdu poet: Nida Fazli

Urdu version:

ہوش والوں کو خبر کیا بے خودی کیا چیز ہے
عشق کیجئے پھر سمجھئے زندگی کیا چیز ہے

اُن سے نظریں کیا ملیں روشن فضائیں ہو گئیں
آج جانا پیار کی جادو گری کیا چیز ہے

بکھری زُلفوں نے سکھائی موسموں کو شاعری
جُھکتی آنکھوں نے بتایا مے کشی کیا چیز ہے

ہم لبوں سے کہہ نہ پائے اُن سے حال دل کبھی
اور وہ سمجھے نہیں یہ خاموشی کیا چیز ہے

# ندا فاضلی –

… This is the second poem of Nida Fazli, I have attempted to translate, first one was:
This hails from a day – Yeh Jab Ki Baat Hai

4 thoughts on “How sober ones would know ever (Hosh Walon Ko Khabar Kya)

  1. I need a poem to do a whole presentation on a poem so I am literary going all over the internet to find one that I can actually find a translated version on. I’m like binge reading your stuff! Lol.

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