Wind I am (Main hawa hoon)

– One of my most favorite ghazals, originally performed by famous ghazal singers – a brother duo of “Ahmed Hussain and Mohammad Hussain“, here it’s performed by mere 10 years old ghazal singing sensation, Azmat Hussain (not related) in equally chilling and effortless manner.


(Where do I exist now, where do I exist not?
Even where I am found, really there I am not.
Who’s there – calling me now for a presence…?
Someone must disclose that here I live not!)

Wind I am, how am I
supposed to own centrality?
Neither wilderness is mine,
nor is garden’s tranquility…

In each drop of wine, lies
culprit behind my captivity…
Fragrance in each corner,
yet, outcome of my veracity…

See, how petals are showing
today the sign of luminosity?
Kissed, they were perhaps, by
inclining flow of my felicity…

I’m remainder, of a star fallen
from heights of virtuosity…
What harm world’s council
may cause to my tenacity?

(On my funeral, someone has
opened the gates of amiability.
No wonder why my coffin
has now lost its authenticity…)

With each passing second,
an urge blooms into audacity…
What a mess it has turned into,
from origin of simplicity…

– Dedicated to the fragrance…

(Ab kaha hoon, kahan nahi hoon main
Jis jagah hoon, wahan nahi hoon main
Kaun awaaz de raha hai mujhe…?
Koi keh de, yahan nahi hoon main!)

Main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera
Dasht mera na ye chaman mera

Mei ke har chand ek khaana nashin,
Anjuman anjuman sukhan mera…

Barq-e-Gul par charag sa kya hai?
Choo gaya tha usay dahan mera…

Main ik toota hua sitara hoon,
Kya bigaregi anjuman mera…?

(Meri mayyat pe koi roya hai,
Is liye jal gaya kafan mera…)

Har ghadi ik naya takaaza hai…
Dard-e-sar ban gaya badan mera.

– Original poem written by: Ameeq Hanafi

Urdu Version:

میں ھوا ہوں کہاں وطن میرا
دشت میرا نہ یہ چمن میرا

میں کہ ہر چند ایک خانہ نشیں
انجمن انجمن سخن میرا

برگ گل پر چراغ سا کیا ہے
چھو گیا تھا اُسے دہن میرا

میں کہ ٹوٹا ہوا ستارہ ہوں
کیا بگھاڑے گی انجمن میرا

ہر گھڑی اک نیا تقاضا ہے
درد سر بن گیا بدن میرا

عمیق حنفی –

Someone here has made a head to head comparison of both the original composition and child prodigy’s rendition.

Another young equally exceptional talent, from the same show Azmat rose as star, Ranjeet Rajwada

Performance by original singers: Ahmed Hussain and Mohammad Hussain…

4 thoughts on “Wind I am (Main hawa hoon)

  1. The Hussain brothers are without parallel in this ghazal. That’s why they inspire so many budding singers to take up ghazal singing. Hat’s off to them!

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