Tear in the Sky


Each drop of rain
that left
from her celestial sky
wrapped my whole world

Imagine how many universes
my world splits into
watching her downpour…

So I become an ocean,
a valley, a mountain,
a garden, and a tree…

Till every place the moist
falls onto,
becomes a window to her,
that drowns me in…



Image Credits:
1. Raindrop by Aminah Tasleem
2. Rainfall (Stock wallpaper)


6 thoughts on “Tear in the Sky

  1. Just beautiful….
    While certain things seem to be taken lightly by most, some of us remain in the depths of a yearning, no solution, no escape, only the relentless pulse of our heart.

    • Thank you, Myriam. I guess, at one point the pain (of yearning) turns into a remedy (a solution) it self. Perhaps, when well can’t have a water in it for too long, it starts being contented with the void it has with in.

      • Kindly permit me the following lines, let’s talk about water:
        LIKE WATER
        I’m like water, impossible to hold in your hand
        impermanent in my existance
        I boil and dance in the arms of love
        but I evaporate when those arms are gone
        I’m like water, transparent, fresh, fundamental
        but I disappear if you don’t care for me
        I’m like water, I may run far away
        but if you cry for me, I rain in your eyes
        I’m like love, but I’m water
        able to relieve your thirst, able to mitigate your fire

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