The Barren


I was unclothed,
raw and skinless.
The bones seem to hang
to each other,
like they’re tired of holding
their own weight.

Felt naked for so long,
it started to reflect.
Growing insensitive of screams
surrounding my presence.
I had no nerves to feel,
nor any pores to sweat.

I was akin to a carcass
of an animal,
left by the hunter,
after being done with the play
for which it was preyed.

Perhaps, that’s what
they referred as the cost
of abandoning those
who did swear on your love.
Time wandered through me
like a mice in maze.

Here I was standing,
amidst a home of birds
and the nest of people.
They’re calling me
by my name,
but I had no idea
of what it did sound like
any more.

Is there still a life here?
waiting to be kind
to someone who’s seeking
a warmth in a cold,
if not a shelter in summer’s.

Where most saw,
stack of wood piled up
before bonfire
gets commenced.
A star, still saw here
a scaffold for a structure
yet to emerge out of eclipse.

The fire it is,
in its heart,
that’s warming me,
so that the burned one
may live once again.
Folding time to a junction,
where spring too knew,
what they call now – the barren.

– Dedicated to the stars, both of earth and the heavens, that show up time and again, to rekindle the dry flame.

Image Credits:
“The Barren” – By Aminah Tasleem.

6 thoughts on “The Barren

    • Or perhaps one was a scaffold,
      of an evolving project…
      where engineers were unaware
      of the fact, that The Architect had
      built foundations strong enough
      to with stand even an earthquake;
      But their fear took hold of them,
      they ended up building a mausoleum
      where there was supposed to be
      a love’s monument.

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  2. Once again your writing has moved me, ali. Or is it that i’m oversensitive to the subject…? Guilty as charged 🙂
    I posted a shorter poem on FB a couple of days ago, on abandonment. Would be nice if you read it sometime. Very kind regards 🙂

    • Thank you, Myriam. 🙂
      I just read your poem, I find it very visual, and rightly delivering the sense of abandonment. But what I liked the most is expression in the end. i.e: “Drowned in sea of love.” That’s a powerful image.

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