The Maiden Lips


Pink Castle

Level by level
it’s arranged like a palace.
Like some outer skirts,
try to sheath inner stakes,
from touch of those who’re
not worthy of its fragrance…

Yet news of its beauty travels
around in moments,
captivating minds of cunning thieves
and those who wear their heart
on the rugged sleeves.

With only one goal
they pursue,
to posses an aura,
to surround self with its magic.
To know what is it like,
the love’s first kiss.

And in the center of it,
Behind all walls, beyond all borders,
rests a jewel, a crown awaits,
for a lover to pollinate,
the maiden lips.

– Dedicated to the spring.

Image credits: “Pink Castle” by Aminah Tasleem

12 thoughts on “The Maiden Lips

      • So I know mam, assuming your point was to reflect on an irony: Adjusting in something called “life”, yet not having time to either “think or feel”…
        I hope, life no matter, old or new, is a “life” at least, rather mere surviving. 🙂

      • Prompt response here would be “glad to have you back…” But somehow I feel you’re still on the way…
        So leave the baggage of whatever it’s that’s holding you back, mam… and start rocking, like you’re supposed to, again! 🙂

      • I don’t rock Ali.. I just come here to let out what hurts inside. It urges me to write. When I am happy, mostly I can’t write.
        So pleased to know you still remember me though 😛
        What’s up in your life?

      • So you’re saying, out of two goodies, we got to choose one? You either as happy, or you either as a writer??
        Why not both? Here… how about, a person who has learned to be self-contented and hence is an honest, reflective and contemplative writer…? 🙂 Sounds nice??

        Well, life’s ordinary, with ups and downs as much as the next guy. Just trying to deserve what’s taken as granted often.

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