Oh Beloved, come close to me someday… (Kadi aa mil sanwal yaar ve)

A classically composed and beautifully sung Punjabi song by an international band famous for their Sufi songs and classical compositions: Meekal Hassan Band. This song captures an essence of vulnerability, that is outcome of an insuppressible urge which comes into being when the beloved gets close, but goes far away afterwards, leaving the lover in despair… Originally sung by classical singer: Javed Bashir.


Oh beloved, after smiting me
into a helpless fall for you…
Don’t you wander somewhere,
where I have no sight of you…
Make your way home to me now,
allow me a glimpse for moments a few.

Oh dear beloved of mine,
come close
and meet me someday…
Each corner of my soul,
craves for you loudly…

My life seems lost,
abandoned and fray…
When my beloved’s scent
isn’t in grasp,
but fading away…
Been an eons that I crave,
for my beloved’s presence…
Oh dear beloved of mine,
come close
and meet me someday…

For days spent
in detached embrace
of yours…
Waiting on very ways
I traced last footsteps
of yours…
I sit here losing myself
like a castaway…
Oh dear beloved of mine,
come close
and meet me someday…

– Dedicated to the Beloved, whom lover can’t see a more of…

Original Version:

Sajan preet laga ke
Duur des mat jaa
Baso humari nagri
Mohay Sunder Mukh Dikhla ja

O kabhi aa mil sanwal yaar way
Meray loo loo cheekh pukar way

Meri jindri hoyee udaass way
mera sanwal aas na paass way
usse mille nay chaar kahar way
O kabhi aa mil sanwal yaar way

Tujh Harjayee ki banhoon main
aur pyar preet ki rahoon main
main to baithi sab kuj haar way
kabhi aa mil sanwal yaar way…

– Original lyrics (A Sufi Kalam tagged to Bulleh Shah), arranged by: Mekaal Hasan Band.

A supremely heart-felt rendition by Anadi Mishra, what a talent.

Also adapted by another Classical Singer: Ali Abbas, in no way lesser than the original.

Excellent live rendition by classical singer: Mir Mukhtiar Ali.