Heart craves once more (Dil dhoondhta hai phir wahi)

Another one of my very favorite songs, once again something written by the poetic genius of Gulzar sb. Simply in-comparable the way the rhythm of the song, the words of the poem flow, it’s beyond marvelous. The rendition above is from the film and it is sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Bhupinder Singh.

The song is from Gulzar sb’s own written and directed film: Mausam (1975). The literal meaning of the film’s name is ‘Season’, and it’s this very song in which he has covered the gist of the film: ‘The nostalgia of seasons (Fall, Summer, and Winter) as they once used to be in presence of first love. This song is indeed one hell of a time-traveling machine. One more thing very special about this sonnet is that Maestro (Guru Ji) Gulzar sb actually borrowed the first verse from the Grand Maestro (Dada Guru) Ghalib‘s ghazal, to start this one. What an awesome and rare combination once again to create such a masterpiece. More than a year ago I too under a similar spell and same tradition, tried to give a tribute to both of them via a poem: “The Yearning” (but of course, I can never be in any way get close to an imitation let alone a justice).


Heart craves
once more
such moments of peace,
when time used
to fill up with the
thoughts of beloved…

Under the soft sun of the fall,
lounged inside the courtyard,
covering my eyes,
that stretched scarf of yours…
staying lazed on the floor,
totally carefree.

Or in the nights of summer,
in chilling gusts of zephyr,
Keeping ourselves up
draped in cold white linens…
Settled on a terrace till late,
just to watch stars glee.

As amidst a chilling winter,
hiked onto any mountain,
listening to a hush contagious,
echoing from valley and plains…
keeping ourselves hinged to
a passing moment with eyes dewy.

Heart craves
once more
such moments of peace…
when time used
to fill up with
thoughts of the beloved…

– Dedicated to the nostalgic times, when love and leisure were inseparable…

Original Lyrics:

Dil dhoondta hai,
phir wahi
fursat ke raat din
baithe rahein
kiye huye… (Ghalib)

Jaadon ki narm dhoop
aur aangan mein lait kar
aankhon pe kheench kar
tere aanchal ke saaye ko
aundhe pade rahe
kabhi karwat liye huye

Yaa garmiyon ki raat
jo purwaiyan chalein
thandi safaid chaadaron pe
jaagein hum der tak
taaron ko dekhte rahein
chhath par pade huye

Barfilee sardiyon mein
kisi bhi pahaad par
waadee mein goonjtee huyi,
khamooshiyaan sunein
aankhon mein bheege bheege se
lamhe liye huye

Urdu Version:

دل ” ڈھونڈتا ہے پھر وہی فرصت، کہ رات دن
بیٹھے رہیں تصورِ جاناں کئے ہوئے (غالبؔ)
جاڑوں کی نرم دُھوپ اور آنگن میں لیٹ کر
آنکھوں پہ کِھینچ کر تیرے دامن کے سائے کو
اوندھے پڑے رہیں کبھی کروٹ لئے ہوئے

یا گرمیوں کی رات جو پُروائیاں چلیں
ٹھنڈی سفید چادروں پہ جاگیں دیر تک
تاروں کو دیکھتے رہیں چَھت پر پڑے ہوئے

برفِیلی سردیوں میں کسی بھی پہاڑ پر
وادی میں گُونجتی ہوئی خاموشیاں سُنیں
آنکھوں میں بھیگے بھیگے سے لمحے لئے ہوئے

دِل ڈُھونڈتا ہے پِھر وہی فُرصت کے رات دن

– Original lyrics by poetic genius Gulzar sb.

Another awesome and deservedly well-known rendition of the same song, in a very different form, but from a very same film, it’s a male-only version – performed just by Bhupinder Singh.

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