The Presence

​I miss you like
days that miss the sun light
when often shadowed
by the clouds
filled with moist.

I miss you like
nights that miss the moon light
when Earth has turned
face away
from its glimpse.

I miss you like
the early mornings
that miss the first cast of light
due to land covered
by the fog and mist…

I miss you like
the arching twilight
that forcefully push
birds to switch
between home and field…

No matter which time of day…
Or which time of year I am in…
I miss you
like a weather
without its sheen
Or like a time
without its continuity and feel…

Yet, my love,
do remember this
in bottom of your heart
and in depths of your soul
that no one can fathom but me…

Even in your absence,
I miss you
like you are with me…
For your absence too
gives me pleasure,
for your thoughts
always accompany me…

Hence, I enjoy
Downpour as much as a golden spree…
Moonless nights as much as the Silver glee…
Misty rendezvous as much as the Hope’s first spill…
And the Fleeting twilight as much as its Welcoming plea…

I am three with you…
Yes… In all shades of destiny…
And You…
You are here along me
as eternity.

– Dedicated to such a strong absence, that becomes an understated presence.


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