I always miss the train… (Hamesha der kar deta hun mein…)

– Narrated by the man himself – famous and very beloved Urdu poet Munir Niazi

This is one of the favorite poems of mine which I always wanted to translate, but never came around it due to one thing or another. Today, fortunately, due to my encounter with a very famous Urdu Television drama Parizaad (written wonderfully by the great Urdu Novelist: Hashim Nadeem), where it’s used in drama’s last scene, I have happened to come across its greatness again… The rush of love I felt for it immediately put me in such a trance that I wasn’t able to focus on anything else before putting this translation to rest. I hope my attempt honors the great poet.


I always miss the train…

When something important is to be said.
When one has to fulfil, a promise made.
When one has to call in for the help…
Or one has to summon an old friend….
It seems, I always miss the train…

When it comes to lending a hand,
reassuring enough to make the mend,
to pace-up on the roads solemn,
in order to meet an old friend…
It seems, I always miss the train…

Observing tides of the ocean,
keeping self indulged in a blend.
For locked one in heart, sharing a sentiment.
Or forgetting someone becoming indifferent.
It seems, I always miss the train…

To save someone from a death untimely,
a pain of affliction or grave regret.
Revealing, the truth was different,
confessing all up at the right moment.
It seems, I always miss the train…

– Dedicated to all those who carry a pinch of regret for missing out on opportunities that were rare indeed enough for them to know they will never materialize same ever again… this poem is a placid admittance.


Hamesha der kar deta hun main

zaruri bat kehni ho
koi wada nibhana ho
usay awaz deni ho
usay wapis bulana ho
hamesha der kar deta hun main

madad karni ho uski
yar ki dharas bandhani ho
bohat dereena raston par
kisi se milny jana ho
hamesha der kar deta hun main

badaltay mausamon ki ser main dil ko lagana ho
kisi ko yad rakhna ho
kisi ko bhool jana ho
hamesha der kar deta hun main

kisi ko maut say pehlay
kisi gham say bachana ho
haqiqat aur thi kuch
us ko ja kay ye batana ho
hamesha der kar deta hun main

A poem by Munir Niazi

5 thoughts on “I always miss the train… (Hamesha der kar deta hun mein…)

  1. Thanks Ali for translating this beautiful poem by Munir Niazi. I did translate it in french for my blog as well so I’m glad to discover the english version 🙂 the recitation by Munir Niazi himself is lovely.

    • Thank you, Sarah. Indeed, Munir saheb’s presence, grace, and narration are no less than a poem.

      TBH, when I stumbled on your blog my first literal thought was… Woah, there exists in the world a french female version of something so close to what I do and to this date, how come I was so unaware about it?…

      I don’t know French, but it’s clear from the vibes that your passion for Urdu and French translations is quite much bigger than I have for Urdu to English, wish I knew some French, I can always learn a thing or two.

      • Hello Ali
        Yup I know that really cool feeling when you come across other people doing the same thing as you. Being connected by the same passion for words and languages and poetry, this is just wowww.
        I started my blog almost 2 years ago and I hope that in the coming years we see more translations into European and other languages. Through my French translations I’ve learned there’s a demand for these, not a huge one, but still… I’m guessing it’s the same for other languages. And then there are the young Pakistanis who have interest in poetry but lack resources.
        Anyways just keep sharing great content on your blog. 👍

  2. I’m glad to find this translation. We lost our brother to cancer two days ago. I’m glad I got a chance to share my thoughts via text, just two days before he passed away. For so many others who aren’t as fortunate this poem is the true reflection. Can I please ask where I can find the French translation as I have a friend who is French and would love it. Thanks, Mona

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