Some hushed form of an affliction, it feels like. (Koi Khamosh Zakhm Lagti Hai…)

Rendition by an ever enchanting Abida Parveen


Some hushed form of an affliction,
it feels like.
Life doubles often as poetic composition,
it feels like.

Seems like an affair of seclusion,
among the groups,
But alone, no less than a celebration,
it feels like.

I tend to step much, on an overcast
of my own shadow,
For such sore feet, a feathery position,
it feels like.

Watch out for a pulse of the moon,
when you rise.
Night tends to don a feverish condition,
it feels like.

Quite a custom now for affliction
to keep rekindling.
For my heart, a true form of submission,
it feels like.

— Dedicated to those submitting to an affliction.

Original Poem (Urdu version):

کوئی خاموش زخم لگتی ہے
زندگی ایک نظم لگتی ہے

بزم یاراں میں رہتا ہوں تنہا
اور تنہائی بزم لگتی ہے

اپنے سائے پہ پاؤں رکھتا ہوں
چھاؤں چھالوں کو نرم لگتی ہے

چاند کی نبض دیکھنا اٹھ کر
رات کی سانس گرم لگتی ہے

یہ روایت کہ درد مہکے رہیں
دل کی دیرینہ رسم لگتی ہے


Credits: Came across this Ghazal thanks to the recommendation of Madam Sarah Awan.

Recitation of the poem.

6 thoughts on “Some hushed form of an affliction, it feels like. (Koi Khamosh Zakhm Lagti Hai…)

  1. Only those who have experienced pain will understand
    And those who are not afflicted will never understand what pain is and neither can they understand the person afflicted
    So they don’t have any empathy
    So sad 😞

  2. Thank you Ali For this beautiful translation.
    I’m so much in love with the last two lines :
    Yeh riwayat ke dard mehke rahen
    Dil ki derina rasm lagti hai
    The poet sort of summed up life in ten words or so.
    As Noshi Gilani would put it :
    Hamain khabar hai tammam dukh hai…
    Keep going on with the poetry and blogging, bravo 👍

      • Hello Ali
        I just read your translation of this ghazal. And it is really very beautiful. The original ghazal has short sentences and few words and I feel it is difficult to translate. You have really done a good job. I would almost suggest you officially translate urdu poetry but I know it is time consuming.
        Keep going 😀

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