Your heart keeps aching for something passively, it seems… (Koi Faryaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jese)

Sung by non-other than a Maestro “Jagjit Singh” from the Bollywood Hindi film: “Tum Bin“. The poem was written by Faiz Anwar.


Your heart keeps aching
for something passively,
it seems…
Your eyes too reveal
some tale wordlessly,
it seems…
Eons have passed in wait,
albeit knowingly,
it seems…
Even though pulse remains here,
heart beats too faintly,
it seems…

At each encounter of ours
I feel this storm inside…
Your gaze yearns
lost answers, earnestly,
it seems…

At each step I tend
to take towards my journey,
someone there still
awaits for me restlessly,
it seems…

In a mere moment collapses
a journey of cent-eons,
like life has rushed almost,
at a pace fleetingly,
it seems…

In such a manner I keep
thinking of you in my days,
my each breath covers
for your name, literally,
it seems…

– Dedicated to the yearners, yearning for a miracle.


Koyi Fariyaad Tere
Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise
Tune Aankhon Se Koyi
Baat Kahi Ho Jaise

Jaagte Jaagte
Ek Umr Kati Ho Jaise
Jaan Baaki Baaki Hai
Magar Saas Ruki Ho Jaise

Har Mulaakat Pe
Mehsoos Yehi Hota Hai
Mujhse Kuch Teri Nazar
Pooch Rahi Ho Jaise

Raah Chalte Huve Aksar
Yeh Ghumaan Hota Hai
Woh Nazar Chupke
Mujhe Dekh Rahi Ho Jaise

Ek Lamhe Mein Simat
Aaya Hai Sadiyon Ka Safar
Zindagi Tez
Bahut Tez Chali Ho Jaise

Is Tarah Pehron Tujhe
Sochta Rehta Hoon Main
Meri Har Saans Tere
Naam Likhi Ho Jaise

Faiz Anwar

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