Sambhala hai maine (Leashed I have for sure)

One of my all-time favorite songs. Sung by romanticist Kumar Sanu for the film Naaraaz (1994)

Poem and Translation:

Sambhala hai mein ne
Buhat apney dil ko
Zubaan pe tera phir bhi
naam aaraha hai

Leashed I have for sure
my heart quite a lot.
Yet on lips of mine,
only the name of yours
keeps coming.

Jahan raaz ko
chhuppaya na jaye
Mohabbat mein aisa
Muqaam aaraha hai

A state where the secret
can no longer be held.
My love, in your love,
such vigor keeps coming.

Banaya hai mene
tujay apna saaqi
rahay kis tarah ab
mere hosh baaqi

Since I have declared
you – my only cup-bearer,
How can I keep tabs now
on the depth of my stupor?

Nazar yun behekne
lagi hai k jaise
mere samnay koi
jaam araha hai

My gaze has started
to swing in a manner,
As if before me glass
one-more keeps coming.

Yeh zulfon k saye
ghanhere ghanhere
mere bazuon pe
jo tunay bikhere

These shades of your tresses
dense and so lurid,
Covering my shoulders
taking me places.

Yun lagta hai jaise
meri darkhanon
teri darkhonon se
payaam araha hai.

I feel almost as if,
on the door of my heartbeats,
from your heart, a knock
for sure keeps coming.

— Original poem – A Ghazal-song by Qateel Shifai.
— Translation dedicated to the younger me.

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