Mujhe baar baar sadaa na de… (Don’t call my name ceaselessly)…

Soulfully rendered by Abbas Ali Khan.

Poem and Translation:

Naa hai ibtida mere ishq ki
Naa hai intiha mere ishq ki
Mera ishq hi hai mera khuda
Mujhe aur koyi khuda naa de

Nor my love has any beginning…
Neither my love has any ceiling…
My love itself is no less than the King of Kings.
Don’t talk of any other with me in such standing.

Mujhe baar baar sadaa na de
Meri hasraton ko hawa naa de
Mere dil mein aatish-i ishq hai
Meri aag tujh ko jala naa de

Don’t call my name ceaselessly…
Don’t heighten my craving carelessly…
In my heart, exists a lover’s volcano…
My fire can burn you to the ashes.

Mein gada naaeen hoon faqeer hoon
Mein qalandaron ka ameer hoon
Mujhe tujh se kuchh naaeen chaahiye
Mujhe maangne ​​ki ada naa de

I am no beggar, I am the worldless,
I am the master among all careless,
I care not of what I can get of you…
Don’t bestow on me the looks of subservient.

Yeh mere junoon ka ghuroor hai
Mujhe bekhudi mein suroor hai
Mujhe baar baar naa yaad aa
Mujhe ho sake to wafa naa de

This is a fervor of my passion…
Being lost is only inebriation…
Don’t look back to me with persistence,
Bestow me not with your commitments.

Mera ishq hai meri zindagi
mera ishq hai meri bandagi
Mujhe aashiqon mein shumaar kar
Mujhe aashiqi ka sila naa de

My love is a reason for my existence,
My love is a source of my obedience,
Count me all in your list of admirers,
Dare not bestow on me the rewards for it.

— Original Sufi-kalam by Hazrat Baba Gulzar Sabri.

— Dedicated to “The Beloved” and unconditional love.

Credits: Came to know of this Kalam on the recommendation of Madam Sarah Awan. Who’s as the usual way ahead and has already translated the poem into French: Here’s the French Translation of the poem.


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