Aye Mere Humsafar (Oh, my fellow traveler)

Lovely song from a Hindi film: Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) – Story based on Romeo and Juliet/ Laila and Majnuh.

Poem and Translation:

Ae mere humsafar,
ik zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein
de rahi hain
manzil pyaar ki

Oh, my fellow traveler,
hang on just a little more…
Listen closely,
we’re being summoned by
The Destination of Love.

Ab hai judaai ka mausam,
do pal ka mehmaan
Kaise naa jaayega andhera,
kyoon naa thamega toofan…
Kaise naa milegi manzil pyaar ki

Now, the season of separation,
is a guest – not for too long…
How will not vanish the darkness,
Why won’t cease the storm…?
How won’t we manage to attain,
The Destination of Love.

Pyaar ne jahan pe rakha hai
jhoomke kadam ik baar
Wahin se khula hai koi rasta,
Wahin se giri hai deewaar,
Roke kab ruki hai manzil pyaar ki.

Wherever the love has set once,
its whirling foot in…
New paths have sprouted right there,
Old walls have been demolished.
When has anyone ever managed to block,
The Destination of Love.

— Original lyrics penned by: Majrooh Sultanpuri

— Translation dedicated to the seekers of The Destination of Love.


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