Baadalon mein chhup raha (Hiding in the clouds)

Wonderfully melodious composition of Anu Malik, sung by King and Queen of Melody: Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik

Poem and Translation:

Baadalon mein chhup raha hai chaand kyun?
Apne husn ki zaya se puuchh lo.
Chaandni padi hui hai maand kyun?
Apni hi kisi ada se puuchh lo.

Why the moon is hiding behind the clouds?
Go ahead, ask this to your “effulgence”…
Why is the moonlight faint and bowed?
Go ahead, ask “any of your elegance”…

Meri hasraton pe bekhudi si chhaa gayi
Tumko dekh kar nigaah ladkhada gayi…

My desires are far-reaching all the bounds…
Since they saw you, eyes have lost the ground.

Ho raha hu main nashe mein chur kyun?
Jhoomti hui fazaa se puuchh lo
Ho raha hai bin piye suroor kyun?
Meri zulf ki ghata se puuchh lo.

Why am I feeling all boozed and soaked?
Go ahead, ask “the breeze so rootless”…
Why am I in a stupor without touching the chalice?
Go ahead, and ask my “loosen tresses”…

Dur mujhse gham hai aur khushi qareeb hai
Aaj mera pyaar kitna khush naseeb hai

Away from me is pain, while neigh is bliss…
Today my love is blessed beyond any wish.

Jhoomta hai mera ang ang kyun?
Apni rooh ki sadaa se puuchh lo.
Baj rahe hai dil mein jal tarang kyun?
Geet chhedti hawa se puuchh lo.

Why each pore in my body is whirling?
Go ahead, ask your “Soul’s exuberance”.
Why like a flute, my heart is humming?
Go ahead, ask “murmuring wind chants”…

— Original poem is written by Qateel Shifai

— Translation dedicated to the “Q&A” play, which companions do often.

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