Badi Nazuk Hai Ye Manzil (Quite delicate is, a place like this)

Beautiful ghazal from the Hindi film: Jogger’s Park. Sung by Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh.

Poem and Translation:

Badi nazuk hai ye manzil
Muhabbat ka safar hai
Dhadak aahista se, ae dil
Muhabbat ka safar hai

Quite delicate is, a place like this,
the quest of love it is.
My heart, dare you not, race like this,
the quest of love it is.

Koi sun le na ye kissa
Bahut dar lagta hai
Magar dar ne se kya hasil
Muhabbat ka safar hai

Hope, no-one hears of this passage,
quite a fear it is that I carry…
But what good can do, to be on the fence like this,
A quest of the love it is.

Batana bhi nahi aasaan
Chhupa na bhi kathin hai
Khudaya kis kadar mushkil
Muhabbat ka safar hai

Neither it’s easy to confess,
nor is it cool to suppress thy feelings.
Oh, Beloved, what a difficult phase like this,
A quest to the love it is.

Ujaale dil ke faile hai,
chalay ao na jaanam
Bahut hi pyar ke kabil
Muhabbat ka safar hai

Lights of my heart are unfolding,
I urge you my beloved to quick step in…
Can’t be more deserving of radiance like this,
A quest to the love it is.

— Original poem was written by: Zameer Kazmi

— Translation dedicated to the beloved.

Sonu Nigam giving a tribute to Jagjit Singh.

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