Tell me a story…


Tell me a story,
where a boy and girl greet…
Where eyes do stay… hooked,
for longer than a mere
split of a second!
Alas, they didn’t talk more…
Never wind up again
in the same circle…
Call it fate or
the world’s smallest love story.

Tell me a story
where two people meet,
and they talk, talk and talk…
But they never come to a pause,
where they would hold each other still.
Where the hand of one would be
in the hand of the other
to climb the bridge!
They talked about the world,
leaving one confession
of their true feelings!
Call it fate or
the world’s most distant love story.

Tell me a story
where two people meet,
and they talk, touch, and walk…
but they never kiss…
Even though sparks were flying,
and the whole world was collapsing
in between.
Like time itself was under
the wrench of the open lips.
But they never took a leap.
Call it fate or
the world’s touchiest love story.

Tell me a story where nights merge,
to skip the day in between…
Tell me a story where the worlds meet
not to end up broken.

Tell me a story
where you promise you would…
keep telling me the stories…
Those either with happy endings,
or the ones that are of course
not yet ended.
There’s more to it than we read…
more to it than we think…
There’s always more for you to say
for me to listen…

So here I am.
Why don’t you just go ahead…
Take me on a ride never-ending.
And whisper in my ears…
You… You are my story…

Tell me a story
where you do tell me in the hints,
it’s no longer a story…
That we are indeed…
living it.
That it’s one of those days
when I no longer am imagining.
What I am feeling is really happening.

Fate is what you and I are making…
Not a passage from a book where some secret is revealed,
or a plot-line from a fantasy novel…
Not a stanza of a beautifully crafted poem,
or a scene from a cleverly written film…
Just you and me walking…
at the seashore and watching…
How waves are overlapping…
How the sun is settling.

Though, we’re on each other’s nerves…
as usual.
Yet… it isn’t hurting
even where it’s burning.
It’s a flame of a different kind.
Like I did hear in…
what you once told me,
in one of those stories…!

So… Tell me a story, my love…
where two people meet
to keep meeting…
and not to end up flopping…
They talk, touch, walk, kiss,
and whirl in each other’s spirit…
Where they keep falling
but not failing.
Never afraid of those ruling,
only in arms of each other
they keep surrendering…
Let’s not call it just a fate then,
even if we call it
the world’s warmest love story!

Give me a rain check my love,
Is it real, or Am I just imagining?
Since, it takes a lot more to live
than to write or tell a story…

— Dedicated to the beloved.


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