The Radical Leap

Dear Readers,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that the efforts of the last four years have finally paid off.
Today I share with you all the news that the book I was writing has finally been completed and published over Amazon. Ready for pre-order before its launch on a Kindle store on April 2nd, 2023.

The Radical LEAP

The art of winning (by failing up and failing forward) and becoming lucky (by applying consistency and increasing luck surface area) with what matters the most… i.e. Being your best self — Healthy, Happy, and Wealthy!

  1. Are you making the most out of your natural talents and in-built skills?
  2. Are you engaged in a kind of a work where work feels more like a play and fun rather than a chore or tedious activity?
  3. Are you excited to wake up every day to do something creative and your dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep easily?

Read this book to know how to become the best answer to such questions and to make a LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act, and Progress) into the modern world.

Quick to implement strategies — Catapult yourself to the peak of Differentiation!

What is this book about?

Self-Improvement, Personal Success, Mindset Transformation, Entrepreneurship and Financial Independence.

Who is this book for?

All wannabe entrepreneurs, young and happening teenagers, fresh grads, misfits, geeks, nerds, all those who are definitely stuck in life and are yet unable to unlock their full potential, those who haven’t been able to capitalize on their talents to become happy with their career, all those who want to become financially independent, and especially for those who think conventional advises haven’t been working for them at all. They need an unconventional path to success.

From where to get it?

Note: The discount offer expires on 2nd of April.
Book is free for people who belong to Non-profits and Education Industry.
Please contact me or my team (at Optimizia) to receive a free e-copy.


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