Rise Up

Rise up, dear dreamers, with fire in your soul,
And let your passions take full control,
Chase the dreams that keep you awake,
And live for the love that each moment can make.

Fight for your rights, never give them away,
Keep rebelling, keep hustling and never sway,
Protect the rights of those who need a voice,
And let their struggles be heard, with every choice.

Do not give up, when you stumble and fall,
For the strength to rise again lies within us all,
Embrace every failure, learn from every mistake,
For they are the steps to the path that you make.

Rise up, dear souls, and seize the day,
For life is short, and slips away,
Do not surrender to traditional ways,
Break the chains that bind and live for today.

Reject the norms that hold you down,
Never wear the shackles of the crown,
Forge your own path, your own renown,
And chase the dreams that make your heart pound.

Do not give in to resistance or fear,
For the winds of change will soon draw near,
Stand firm, be bold, and persevere,
And your light will shine, bright and clear.

Rise up, dear souls, and never rest,
Until your dreams are realized, your soul is blessed,
For life is yours, a true bequest,
Live it to the fullest, and rise up to your best.

Let your passion fuel your soul,
And let your thirst for change take hold,
Bring positivity to those around you,
And the world will be forever told.

Don’t give up the world you want to see,
Be the change that can set us all free,
Work tirelessly, in pursuit of your dreams,
And turn them to reality, with every means.

So, shine bright, like the morning sun,
And rise up, until your journey is done,
Become an example, for all to see,
And let them know, they too can be free.

Rise up, dear dreamers, and never forget,
The power that lies within you, to never submit,
Chase your dreams, and let your spirit soar,
And let the world know what you stand for.

– Dedicated to all the souls that have fire inside, but just need the spark.

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