Do you remember?

The paper boat I once built for you, do you remember,
The kiss you gave me as a thank you, do you remember?

The promises we made a few, do you remember?
The dreams we had too grew, do you remember?

The park bench where we sat until two, do you remember,
The song we hummed as the sun withdrew; do you remember?

The letters we wrote, our love anew, do you remember,
The memories we shared, happy and blue, do you remember?

The stars we counted till morning’s dew, do you remember,
The tales we weaved, forever as true, do you remember?

The whispered secrets, just between us two, do you remember…
The moments of tenderness that we drew, do you remember…?

The rain that fell as we bid adieu, do you remember,
The tears that flowed like dew, do you remember?

The love we shared, once so true, do you remember?
Yet a path we dared not pursue, do you remember?

– Dedicated to the beloved.


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