Dil mei ik lehr si uthi hai abhi (In my heart rose a new tide suddenly)…


In my heart rose a new tide suddenly…
Fresh gusts of wind, just blew me utterly….

To an extent, I can’t deny, I’m over-sensitive,
But for a fact, I’m hurt too quite recently…

Quite a stir unset here at heart’s sanctum,
A giant wall has perished here colossally…

In a land full of opportunities, I starve.
Can’t fathom what keeps me filled barely…

So what, we’re no longer exchanging words?
Your silence too talks to me, roaringly…

From distant islands of your memory, still
I tend to hear your voice quite clearly…

In dim-lit corners and belly of the city,
My life still looks for you, inexplicably…

Though, people in that castle long passed out,
Yet, a window remains open, supposedly…

My friend, what made you rise up so early?
Night is still young, town engaged, so fiercely…

Your time too would come “Nasir”,
Whole life is out there, apparently…

— Translation dedicated to Ghazal aficionados.

Original poem:

Dil mein ek lahr si uThi hai abhi
koi taza hawa chali hai abhi

kuchh to nazuk mizaj hain hum bhi
aur ye choT bhi nai hai abhi

shor barpa hai KHana-e-dil mein
koi diwar si giri hai abhi

bhari duniya mein ji nahin lagta
jaane kis chiz ki kami hai abhi

tu sharik-e-suKHan nahin hai to kya
ham-suKHan teri KHamushi hai abhi

yaad ke be-nishan jaziron se
teri aawaz aa rahi hai abhi

shahr ki be-charagh galiyon mein
zindagi tujh ko DhunDti hai abhi

so gae log us haweli ke
ek khiDki magar khuli hai abhi

tum to yaro abhi se uTh baiThe
shahr mein raat jagti hai abhi

waqt achchha bhi aaega ‘Nasir’
gham na kar zindagi paDi hai abhi

— Original poem by poet par-excellence Nasir Kazmi sb.

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