Trampoline of Hope


The Fallen Angel – I look for you, to rise again…

My love,
If I ever escape from your pull
remind me, like a Star,
how I need your charm,
to remain like a moon,
rather a dull rock.

If I ever get lost amidst the way
remind me, my love,
like a Sun,
how I need your direction,
to remain like a journeyman,
rather a mere wanderer.

If I ever begin to drown in ocean
remind me, my love,
like a steadfast sail,
how I need to work the waves,
to remain like a swimmer,
rather a sunk weight.

If I ever begin falling from grace
remind me, my love,
with a holy spell,
how I need to tend my wings,
to remain an angel,
rather a devil’s advocate.

If I ever feel defeated in battle
remind me, my love,
like a trampoline of hope,
how I can rise back,
to remain in knight’s form,
rather than a mercy rag.

If I ever start loosing a grip
remind me, my love,
like your hem’s knit,
how I need a safety net,
to remain like a mountain,
rather than an abyss.

If I ever begin to break in skin,
remind me, my love,
like one sculpting,
how I need to collect shards,
to remain composed as a piece,
rather than one fallen apart.

Remind me always,
my love
of our days,
the tears we shed,
and laughs we had,
moments we made,
for all time we spent.

But, do bring me back,
from depths of darkness.
For you’ve to remember this,
light is needed the most
at the gloomiest.


The Flying Angel – It’s your spirit that always keeps me propelled.

– Dedicated to the beloved – who fills our heart with hope and joy, never giving up on us, no matter what.

Image Credits:
1. Fallen Angels (Cover art) –
2. Angel in Sky –

An Angel without Voice


Sometimes I wish if I knew the language of tears,
I could’ve heard unsaid words that nobody hears.
I could’ve learned what was ripping inside your heart…
what to feel was as breaking as disclosing for lips – hard.

I can feel sea without fishes, sky without stars,
wind without direction, universe without quasars;
Earth barren – without people, when you are without voice…
Like someone’s designated to a solace – but in no rejoice.

Why propel illusions of failure building the wall of fears,
breaking sight of the world beyond apparent frontiers?
Nurturing the hindrances that impede your fresh start,
maintaining the visage of the whole, while inside has fallen apart

Feel how bees are losing their passion, flowers have lost their charm,
birds have gone rogue, since the wind has gone disturbingly calm.
Even sea has lost its patience, amidst sails have lost their plans.
Come out for the sake of nature – a bewildering aura, if not for your clans.

What would it take to break your vow of silence,
selection of assured spell or unleashing a trance?
For once spur your wings and pick up your wand,
the world is impatient to see your vivid and alluring stance.

– Dedicated to wonderful yet fragile, “an angel without a voice”.