The Presence

​I miss you like
days that miss the sun light
when often shadowed
by the clouds
filled with moist.

I miss you like
nights that miss the moon light
when Earth has turned
face away
from its glimpse.

I miss you like
the early mornings
that miss the first cast of light
due to land covered
by the fog and mist…

I miss you like
the arching twilight
that forcefully push
birds to switch
between home and field…

No matter which time of day…
Or which time of year I am in…
I miss you
like a weather
without its sheen
Or like a time
without its continuity and feel…

Yet, my love,
do remember this
in bottom of your heart
and in depths of your soul
that no one can fathom but me…

Even in your absence,
I miss you
like you are with me…
For your absence too
gives me pleasure,
for your thoughts
always accompany me…

Hence, I enjoy
Downpour as much as a golden spree…
Moonless nights as much as the Silver glee…
Misty rendezvous as much as the Hope’s first spill…
And the Fleeting twilight as much as its Welcoming plea…

I am three with you…
Yes… In all shades of destiny…
And You…
You are here along me
as eternity.

– Dedicated to such a strong absence, that becomes an understated presence.

Oh Beloved, come close to me someday… (Kadi aa mil sanwal yaar ve)

A classically composed and beautifully sung Punjabi song by an international band famous for their Sufi songs and classical compositions: Meekal Hassan Band. This song captures an essence of vulnerability, that is outcome of an insuppressible urge which comes into being when the beloved gets close, but goes far away afterwards, leaving the lover in despair… Originally sung by classical singer: Javed Bashir.


Oh beloved, after smiting me
into a helpless fall for you…
Don’t you wander somewhere,
where I have no sight of you…
Make your way home to me now,
allow me a glimpse for moments a few.

Oh dear beloved of mine,
come close
and meet me someday…
Each corner of my soul,
craves for you loudly…

My life seems lost,
abandoned and fray…
When my beloved’s scent
isn’t in grasp,
but fading away…
Been an eons that I crave,
for my beloved’s presence…
Oh dear beloved of mine,
come close
and meet me someday…

For days spent
in detached embrace
of yours…
Waiting on very ways
I traced last footsteps
of yours…
I sit here losing myself
like a castaway…
Oh dear beloved of mine,
come close
and meet me someday…

– Dedicated to the Beloved, whom lover can’t see a more of…

Original Version:

Sajan preet laga ke
Duur des mat jaa
Baso humari nagri
Mohay Sunder Mukh Dikhla ja

O kabhi aa mil sanwal yaar way
Meray loo loo cheekh pukar way

Meri jindri hoyee udaass way
mera sanwal aas na paass way
usse mille nay chaar kahar way
O kabhi aa mil sanwal yaar way

Tujh Harjayee ki banhoon main
aur pyar preet ki rahoon main
main to baithi sab kuj haar way
kabhi aa mil sanwal yaar way…

– Original lyrics (A Sufi Kalam tagged to Bulleh Shah), arranged by: Mekaal Hasan Band.

A supremely heart-felt rendition by Anadi Mishra, what a talent.

Also adapted by another Classical Singer: Ali Abbas, in no way lesser than the original.

Excellent live rendition by classical singer: Mir Mukhtiar Ali.

Like a HicCuP beloved comes to me (Aave Re Hitchki)

One of the sneakingly heart-touching “I Miss You” song, with flavors of folk romance and moonlit melancholy, sung beautifully by Shankar Mahadevan in Gulzar Sahib‘s penned adaptation of Mirza-Sahiban folklore as a film: Mirzya (2016).


Amidst deep slumber of mine,
who’s started to miss me again…?
keeping me teased whole night…
pangs of love keep me awake…
Here heart becomes – restless…
like a dancing wick on a candle…
And here it comes to me,
like the hiccups…
Like a HicK-cuP beloved comes to me!

No news has came so far,
for wet letters I have sent…
Amidst a very spring,
I observe Autumn’s blend…
My land has dried now,
fields have drought now,
my inside has now a thirst in-satiated,
And here it comes to me..
Like the hiccups…
Like a HicK-cuP beloved comes to me!

On a turf of a scorching stew,
rides a bright red rim…
Eating my all shade,
and rest with-in…
How may I cross this land of distance in between,
when my feet are swelling from the heat…?
My land has dried now,
fields have drought now,
my inside has now a thirst in-satiated,
And here it comes to me..
Like the hiccups…
Like a HicK-cuP beloved comes to me!

Oh my dear beloved…
next time when eve is to settle its wings,
and moon gets to climb the heavens.
Don’t make me howl in pain…
Promise me on my life…
You won’t be missed again…
Pangs of love keep me awake…
Here heart becomes – restless…
like a dancing wick on a candle…
My land has dried now,
fields have drought now,
my inside has now a thirst in-satiated,
And here it comes to me..
Like the hiccups…
Like a HicK-cuP beloved comes to me!

– Dedicated to the Hic-cups that duly arrive when lovers miss each others fondly…

Original Version:

Nidra mein kisne yaad kiyo re
Nidra mein kisne yaad kiyo re
Jagaye saari raina re
Piya jagaave, jiya jagaave

Aave re hitchki (x3)
Aave re hitchki (x3)

Sandesha aayo na
Chithiya bhi jaayi
Saavan mein sookhe naina re

Talaiya sookhi
Kikhad sookha
Kikar sookha re

Aave re hitchki (x3)

Dhoop mundhere chadh gayo dhola
Jal gayo saari chhav re
Aangan paar karoon main kaise
Talve jale mere paanv ke

Talaiya sookhi
Kikhad sookha
Kikar sookha re

Aave re hitchki (x3)

O meri janniya re
Sham dhale jo
Chand chadhe toh
Phir na rulaiyo re
O meri janniya re

Meri jaan ki saugandh hai
Yaad na aaiyo re
O piya jagaave, jiya jagaave
Diya jagaave re

Talaiya sookhi
Kikhad sookha
Kikar sookha re

Aave re hitchki (x3)
Hitchki aave re
Hitch.. hitch aave re
Hitchki aave re
Aave re, aave re
Aave re hitchki
Aave re hitchki
Jagaye saari raina re

Talaiya.. kikhad..
Bhitar sookha re

– Original poem put very charmingly by my guru-ji (Gulzar Sb).

The Gravitational Pull


Did you see the star, or did you see how it was burning?

They say stars are magnanimous…
and certainly unavoidable…
They pull you in,
like you’re a mass – good for nothing…

An asteroid perhaps,
that was floating
gliding on a blank sheet,
searching for horizon.
Before some hot ball of fire
took mercy on it,
and caught it off-guard.

And suddenly the moth earned
the purpose to its existence.
Or rather comes to realize one…
what was there before him…

But not all asteroids fall into
an orbit of star…
some moths are granted
curse of a prolonged life,
where each day is spent
as a vagabond searching for love.

Some people burn like stars…
and some burn like the moths.
We don’t notice them much…
Perhaps since sky is too crowded.
Or because we’re too busy
to twinkle.

They say stars are magnanimous…
and certainly unavoidable…
But sometimes it takes a whole life
to meet someone that
you can uncontrollably gravitate

If you find yourself in darkness,
hold on for a little long,
light is maybe around the corner.
Either you’ll merge in it,
or you’ll emerge with one.
Who knows, who may become
tomorrow a star for someone.

– Dedicated to stars, the flames and their gravity…


Picture Credits:
1. Starry Night – Wallpaper
2. “Starry Night as seen by Van Gogh” – Wallpaperworld

Is it settled then, for a life entire, we shall not meet ever? (To Kya Ye Tay Hai Ke Ab Umer Bhar Nahi Milna)

– Another one of the reflective Ghazals, rendered by the master: Ghulam Ali


Is it settled then, for a life entire, we shall not meet ever?
If so it’s, what good’s a life remain, when not to complete ever?

Let’s entertain even the oppression, for a sake of cruel world,
We pretend like the strangers totally, should we meet ever…

Who curses hushed, with the clenched lips, amidst a solitude,
“Without me, you’d have not, a relaxed heart beat – ever!”?

How could this be explained to a relentless pursuer of love;
In a pursuit of devoutness, one may find none to greet ever…

The time of farewell, feels like a push at an edge of the alp,
As once we be apart, there’s no flowing back to meet ever…

– Dedicated to those meetings of not so strangers, that are wished but never executed…

To Kya Ye Tay Hai Ke Ab Umer Bhar Nahi Milna
To Phir Ye Umar Bhi Kyon, Tum Se Gar Nahi Milna

Chalo Zamane Ki Khatir Ye Jaber Bhe Seh Len
Kay Ab Kabhi Jo Milay, Toot Kar Nahi Milna

Ye Kon Chupke Se Tanhaiyon Main Kehta Hai
Mere Baghair Sakoon Umer Bhar Nahi Milna

Rah-E-Wafa Ke Musafir Ko Kon Samjhaaye
Kay Is Safar Mein Koi Humsafar Nahi Milna

Juda To Jab Bhi Hue Dil Ko Yun Laga Jaise
Ke Ab Gaye To Kabhi Loat Kar Nahi Milna

– Original poem by Urdu poet: Suroor Barabankvi

Urdu version:

تو کیا یہ طے ہے، کہ اب عمر بھرنہیں ملنا​
تو پھر یہ عمربھی کیوں، تم سے گرنہیں ملنا​

یہ کون چُپکے سے تنہائیوں میں کہتا ہے​
تِرے بغیر سُکوں عُمْر بھر نہیں ملنا​

چلو زمانے کی خاطر یہ جبْر بھی سہہ لیں ​
کہ اب مِلے تو کبھی ٹوٹ کر نہیں ملنا​

رہِ وفا کے مُسافر کو کون سمجھائے​
کہ اِس سفر میں کوئی ہمسفرنہیں ملنا​

جُدا تو جب بھی ہوئے دِل کو یوں لگا جیسے​
کہ اب گئے تو کبھی لوٹ کر نہیں ملنا​

– سُرُور بارہ بنکوی​ –

Ghazal’s rendition is also available in female vocals. A beautiful version performed by Gulbahar Bano for PTV:

Caught your glimpse such that, it made me lose my sense (Dikhai Diye Yoon Ke Bekhud Kiya)

– This is one of my favorite Ghazals and due to number of factors. Foremost it’s a writing of one of the 18th century Urdu poet, for whom it’s known, he shaped the language itself: Mir Taqi Mir. It’s performed on-screen by extremely graceful: Supriya Pathak, for film Bazaar (1982). Music is composed by extremely gentle Khayyam saheb, and undoubtedly the simplicity of this song earns times a range, with voice of a singing legend herself – the goddess of Hindi Songs: Madam Lata Mangeshkar.


Caught your glimpse such that,
it made me lose my sense.
And like that wasn’t enough,
you distanced me from myself.

For such an extent,
the forehead kept kissing the floor.
All dues in exhibits of utter devotion
looks like paid.

Worshiped you, oh my idol,
with such an unending zeal.
In eyes of almost everyone
it seemed, to God I prayed.

Had wished a plenty, to step in
your home or least your street…
Hence, soaked in the blood now,
I walk, from your doorstep.

– Dedicated to that time and era of simplicity and grace.

Dikhayi diye yun ke bekhud kiya
Hamein aap se bhi juda kar chale

Jabheen sajda karte hi karte gayi
Haq-e-bandagi ham adaa kar chale

Parastish ki ya tak ke aye butt tujhe
Nazar mein sabhon ki khuda kar chale

Bahut aarzoo thi gali ki teri
So yaas-e-lahoo mein naha kar chale

– Original poem by Mir Taqi Mir.

Urdu version:

دکھائی دیے یوں کہ بے خود کیا
ہمیں آپ سے بھی جدا کر چلے

جبیں سجدہ کرتے ہی کرتے گئی
حقِ بندگی ہم ادا کر چلے

پرستش کی عادت کہ اے بُت تجھے
نظر میں سبھوں کی خدا کر چلے

بہت آرزو تھی گلی کی تری
سو یاں سے لہو میں نہا کر چلے

– میر تقی میر –

Dear All,

This blog has completed its second year. For this year’s run, there are countless readers I should be thanking to. Their proximity always breathed in me a new courage, and pulled me to write more, even though I had many gaps this year, some due to business, and few due to my procrastination.

I thank all of those who read and established all sorts of interaction. My special thanks is of course for following angels, for their regular support and feedback, for their original, more poignant beautiful and resonant writings of which my return with a response naturally became intuitive and fluent.

Maria ImranShereen AljarrahSidra Kamal,
Aminah TasleemTayyeba Irum,
Sonya KassamMiss Maqsood,
Hira JamilAima Yusaf JamalMyriam Olivares

Thank you all for being there. Hoping to keep up a consistency in both the flow and flourish. 🙂

C percent amore

Sunflowers and a tree

You occupy my world, no matter where I see…

You are as refreshing as ice tea
amidst a hot scorching day,
of which even trees seem to seek
a drowning place.
Yet, for one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
the days of summer to ever end.

You are as loving and carefree
as new monsoon rain,
post storms and thunderous flash,
screams of which scare both
living and undead.
Yet, for one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
the sigh of clouds to ever end.

You are as rejuvenating as the soil
of a holy place,
one that has received countless
subservient seeking liberation.
For one who can have you,
would sure become
a seed turning in a new leaf.

You’re as tender as the breeze
blowing from high gardens,
for the one who has served life
in a closet.
For one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
a return, to any other imprisonment.

You are as fragrant as an incense
burning at steeple of the lovers,
those who sought life after death.
For one who can have you,
would sure linger more,
waiting for winds to gust
fast with your kisses.

You are as encompassing as lake,
the eyes of the valley land,
open for one who’s never sighted
any miracles.
For, one who can have you,
would keep praising without a flinch,
till each corner leaks stream.

You are as inviting as bird humming,
singing new song every morning,
perching on ear drums of one
who’s drunk sleeping.
For, one who can have you,
would not just trip at melodies,
but dance with silent symphonies.

Yet, my beloved, I know not,
how to define you
like you define all…
Way you carry in your essence,
the pathway to my soul.
Nor I carry any idea,
to spell what your world’s made for…
But then, what do I know…?
Since, I merely dwell at cent
of the C percent amore…


Yet, what I love of you, is speckle in the galaxy.

– Dedicated to the beloved, who we love all about, yet only like the one away from the ocean, like merely standing on the shore.

Image Credits:
1. Sunny Meadow – Stock image (GettyImages)
2. Pinching Galaxy – Stock image – (shutterstock)