Hate Letter


“Hate Letter”

My love,

Did I not ask you
not to expose our love
in front of the world…
before march leads us to the doom
or doom comes to the door…
As world gets not yet
what it means to be one.

See, how young our love is,
and how old are
their instruments
to fathom adolescence…
How fight gets ensued
among them
to mark easy opponents.

Like a bird on the tree
far away from her nest,
among unsaid wishes,
unsung prayers…
We yearn to meet,
in fields beyond
the peeks and upheavals.

How come our ballad
may stand a chance,
against the fixed
scales of passion,
customs of love,
the settled paths of
rhymes and motion.

Look how world
is judging us now
for the letters unwritten,
symphony concealed;
an intent revealed
of the deeds yet undone.

Don’t you see they’re blind
who come to find one,
yet end up finding us.
They don’t distinguish yet
we’re not different
from each other.

How can they imagine…
a sun from its radiance,
a moon from reflection,
a night from the silence,
and me from your essence.

Tell me what should I do
of these pebbles, and
scratches on the floor,
where we decided
once to place
the flowers of dust.

What to care of this world,
you tell me…?
who call
what they want to see,
a “Painting”…
And “poetry”
only to what
they want to hear.

Let us march
to that end of the world
where no one’s around
to judge our union.
No one’s there to make a complain,
or to hear us yelling in passion.

I apologize not for who I’m,
that is nothing but your lover.
But for my efforts,
when they fall short
to provide you a place – better.
Look, how I just failed to write
even a proper hate letter.

– Dedicated to the lovers and haters, as both are bound to their own love… 😉

Photo credits: Hate Letter by Anvh (deviantart.com)

Happy Children’s Day

Curiosity of a Child...

Curiosity of an unfathomable mind…

On this universal children’s day, lets remind ourselves to raise our voices against child abuse, child labor, childhood indoctrination and child exploitation via forms of trafficking, slavery, early marriage, debt bondage or blocking their access to forms of education.

Let us embrace the passion, zeal, creativity and curiosity in children rather neglecting them; Not ruling them by fear & punishment but inspiring them by a rationale, brilliance and turning ourselves into a better example.

Let us teach them how to learn vs. what to learn. Furnishing their access to free education along the forms of art and literature. Their participation in sports and diverse culture.

Lets facilitate them to discover the values of life, helping as a guiding principle rather an intimidation point. Inspiring them to embrace the diversity in society while working with pluralism. Exhibiting them to be less brand conscious and more value conscious.

Lets be encouraging and promoting of the young talent, the gifted ones – the childhood prodigies… and beyond all lets cherish the inner child that lies beneath all of us.

Let us remind ourselves that it’s not just about a day.. it’s about forever!

Embrace curiosity, promote creativity, inspire fun! —  It’s not yet, but strive to make it a Happy Children’s World!

Earlier version was posted on: my Facebook profile (last year).

Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee alongside sea shore flying as a muse, while desperate man carving for her knees down wishing to embrace her.

“Annabel Lee”

Dear Annabel Lee,

For the cells
vacant inside me…
From right end’s twin
to the left end’s
double entendre.
Write for me…

From each
faucet placed
at the funnels
sucking toxic in
spilling an elixir!
Write for me…

The universe expands,
and collapses down.
Chaos in realm of peace,
settles down.
For what I restlessly seek.
Write for me…

For the times the
world shrinks,
encapsulating me
to the times that it
opens it arms for thee..
Write for me…

Like a concern for stoic.
Like a breath in a void.
Each utterance
bestowing a relief.
Instrument of remembrance.
Write for me…

From despair to hope,
the gap’s increasing
in travesty.
Who would remove
the toxicity, if you won’t..
Write for me…

Thou shall enter the palace,
claim your place.
Though breadth of an embrace,
yet every inch
awaits you…
Write for me…

Or disown,
burn to the ashes – crush the soul
desecrate along departed,
till there’s no difference,
between that you and the world did…
Write for me…

– Dedicated to a fascination – the muse that propels one’s heart and the creativity. 😉

Disclosure: “Annabel Lee” is a creativity along being a reference of “the muse” of… poet: Edgar Allan Poe.

Image credits: “Annabel Lee” by artist V. Holecek. Source: fineartamerica.com

School vs. Prison – When institutions trade long-term effectiveness for short-term efficiency

Why is it that our schools, the supposed centers of learning have to be like this?? In an era of research and technology, where we’ve consistently reducing barriers of communication, continuously improving methods of deliverance, where scientific research keeps illuminating us with what’s effective and what’s not, and with a journey of modern civilization reaching to its pinnacle… yet we’ve institutions that operate like factories and prisons – all in a name of “discipline and efficiency”.

It appears they’re more interested in producing automated, scripted, always conforming, status-quo following, pre-programmed trajectory set, efficient – mannequins; rather than flourished people with creative, collaborative, critical and analytical skills, those who can think on their own, for whom decisions are not already made.

Eventually the very institutions designated to provide society with free-thinkers are responsible for the factory production of so-called educated yet indispensable array of mass-followers; Alas, systematically no better than any uneducated mass-consumer, both getting exploited while not having a foggiest clue of it.

– Platform: Youth Education Reforms Initiative
Supporting Analogy by: Jose Vilson
Image credits: mobile-zeitgeist.com