Happy Children’s Day

Curiosity of a Child...

Curiosity of an unfathomable mind…

On this universal children’s day, lets remind ourselves to raise our voices against child abuse, child labor, childhood indoctrination and child exploitation via forms of trafficking, slavery, early marriage, debt bondage or blocking their access to forms of education.

Let us embrace the passion, zeal, creativity and curiosity in children rather neglecting them; Not ruling them by fear & punishment but inspiring them by a rationale, brilliance and turning ourselves into a better example.

Let us teach them how to learn vs. what to learn. Furnishing their access to free education along the forms of art and literature. Their participation in sports and diverse culture.

Lets facilitate them to discover the values of life, helping as a guiding principle rather an intimidation point. Inspiring them to embrace the diversity in society while working with pluralism. Exhibiting them to be less brand conscious and more value conscious.

Lets be encouraging and promoting of the young talent, the gifted ones – the childhood prodigies… and beyond all lets cherish the inner child that lies beneath all of us.

Let us remind ourselves that it’s not just about a day.. it’s about forever!

Embrace curiosity, promote creativity, inspire fun! —  It’s not yet, but strive to make it a Happy Children’s World!

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The Cipher


Reading a cipher;
with deep down having an unforged,
an impermeable intention;
urging you not to.
Not to resolve…
I may not like what I find out about her…
Or worst I may dread the boredom that follows
after getting over.
In all cases something is for sure,
I’m going to end up regretting.

But there’s this strange aura
that surrounds her…
you like or not, but you can’t ignore…
the irresistibility…
the temptation that constantly lingers.
The desirability that it summons…
The intrigue that it develops…
The curiosity that it conspires inside…
Forcing you to circle around;
like planets do for stars in constellations.
Waiting for her to reveal something,
that leads you to somewhere…
where path is untraceable,
and destiny remains unknown.

I disclose,
I have no idea of “the code”,
nor do I have a kinship
with pliers or the code breakers….
All I had was my passion,
my fear along intuition;
curse, even that was bi-polar.
If there’s a key,
it lies within her.
To unravel or not,
for each has to be without breaking her.

– Dedicated to a mystery that piques one’s curiosity yet deserves to remain unresolved…

Image Reference: One of the great stories with equally awesome rendition on screen: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, with stellar cast: Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig; Directed by an auteur: “David Fincher”.

The great refuges: Suppression – a classical conditioning; Censorship – an indispensable tool

Suppression and Censorship

Suppress and Censor

Welcome to the animal farm!

Yep… Good going.. Ban YouTube, Ban sites, Ban Torrents, Ban TV Channels, Ban Books, Ban Pillion Riding, Close Networks, Kill Packages…

A land or community where censorship and suppression is preferred more than the awareness and reason, pronounces as much about the character of its leaders as it does about its people.

Ssshhh…! Don’t you dare raise a voice, our leaders believe in oppression more than the rights of citizen; in suppression more than reason and setting the right direction. Count yourself among the fortunate ones, that they haven’t advanced enough to hear your chatter and probe into your social networks, otherwise you’d be eager to just express let alone act. – Uh-oh…!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the very act of our always settling down for little which makes us to lose a big picture right away. Being quickly thankful, calm and satisfied for when something is thrown our way or something is not taken away – gradually turning us into an indifferent being for the others; if it’s the same thing that makes us less curious, less eager, and less passionate to fight for our rights, to stand for others and to strive for what we deserve.

A sole person may be a victim, but when it comes to people – a collective, it’s more than a usual that they themselves are participating as a culprit in their own victimization. Any time when you ignore raising a voice, when you suppress your emotions, when you’re “OK” with the way things are even when in actual you’re not; Any time when you pretend to go with a flow, when you conform to the masses while your logic and reason says otherwise; Any time you don’t dare to take a stand against the dictators, don’t ask for transparency of information you deserve – you lose an accountability on your part to make sure that the people who’re administrating or representing you are doing the right job. You put yourself in comfortably numb position, where you become a poster – an invitation for exploitation.

If being pessimist is to be passive, why being an optimist isn’t to be an ‘active’? Why just settle for a half-glass and count yourself a king of the world, why not accept the truth and strive to do better? Why are we so comfortable in being treated like a vegetable? Why choose a shortcut – an under the table deal? Why suck a lollypop that won’t last long instead of choosing to learn, apply and have a right to make your own candy-land?

For the leaders: When you choose censorship over nurture-ship, banning and shutting over devising programs that inspire and motivate people, set their direction, make them better in logic and reason, yet all in engaging way – you exhibit rest of the world that your people aren’t capable of that… that they haven’t yet reached a bar of maturity required… that they would rather be suppressed than being taught or reasoned with. Well, then good luck for trying to stop other worlds (societies, communities, groups, nations) taking an undue advantage of you, or you stopping those who’re already doing it… because evidently you literally spelled out to them what you’re made of.

By the way, good luck censoring your local screw-ups on the global radar… you can’t do that, can you… ? Hmm!