Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee alongside sea shore flying as a muse, while desperate man carving for her knees down wishing to embrace her.

“Annabel Lee”

Dear Annabel Lee,

For the cells
vacant inside me…
From right end’s twin
to the left end’s
double entendre.
Write for me…

From each
faucet placed
at the funnels
sucking toxic in
spilling an elixir!
Write for me…

The universe expands,
and collapses down.
Chaos in realm of peace,
settles down.
For what I restlessly seek.
Write for me…

For the times the
world shrinks,
encapsulating me
to the times that it
opens it arms for thee..
Write for me…

Like a concern for stoic.
Like a breath in a void.
Each utterance
bestowing a relief.
Instrument of remembrance.
Write for me…

From despair to hope,
the gap’s increasing
in travesty.
Who would remove
the toxicity, if you won’t..
Write for me…

Thou shall enter the palace,
claim your place.
Though breadth of an embrace,
yet every inch
awaits you…
Write for me…

Or disown,
burn to the ashes – crush the soul
desecrate along departed,
till there’s no difference,
between that you and the world did…
Write for me…

– Dedicated to a fascination – the muse that propels one’s heart and the creativity. 😉

Disclosure: “Annabel Lee” is a creativity along being a reference of “the muse” of… poet: Edgar Allan Poe.

Image credits: “Annabel Lee” by artist V. Holecek. Source: