This euphoric ambiance, wouldn’t have persisted (Aisa sama na hota)

– This is one of the favorite compositions by R. D. Burman, euphorically sung by goddess of Hindi songs Lata Mangeshkar. Last night this played on FM, of course its spell was inescapable…


This euphoric ambiance,
wouldn’t have persisted…
Nothing would have mattered,
no spell would have existed…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

Weather wouldn’t have been fragrant,
nor fog would have taken over…
Nor this teasing – would have been wind,
uttering poetry in its whisper…
Nor flowers would’ve stitched
an ornament of dew droplets…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

These roads, these valleys,
not even a little they have changed…
Yet totally different are my pathways,
just due to your presence…
Distant dreams, would have
never closed on to my gaze…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

Would we have not met ever,
such spell wouldn’t have taken place…
Whatever would’ve been consequence,
these dreams wouldn’t have excelled..
Hearts would have never closed in
forever to stay amazed…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

– Dedicated to an ambiance and nostalgia of the lover’s spell…

Aisa sama na hota
Kuchh bhi yahan na hota
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

Mausam yeh na aata, yoon na chhaati yeh ghata
Aise gungunati, yoon na gaati yeh hawa
Gul shabnam ke moti na piroute
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

Raahein wohi, vaadi wohi badla kuchh nahin
Phir bhi tere milne se hai duniya kyun haseen
Kahin khwabon mein hum gum na hote
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

Hum tum jo na milte, to na chhaata yeh nasha
Hota kuchh bhi hota, yeh na hota jo hua
Yahan milke na dil aise khote
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

– Original lyrics by: Anjaan (nom-de-plume of Hindi Lyricist Lalji Pandey).

Lost in translation


In a downpour of words, looking for drops with meaning…

Gigantic structures,
shrinking sight.
Stretched streets,
inescapable sides.

No where to go,
No where to hide,
where-ever you see,
labyrinth infinite!

Unmoved spirits,
animated signs.
Pitch-black contours,
stark neon lights…

Nothing moves,
nothing inspires,
All in flashes,
a moment’s ride.

Blunt emotions,
swift censor knives.
Hyper-bole expressions,
timid cold strife.

No one to confess,
no one to confide..
no one to say “how”,
no one to hear “why”.

Cleanest slogans,
messiest vibes.
Emptying earth,
busying skies.

No well left,
to be sucked dry.
None has clue,
where to side.

Stolen brilliance,
conjured noise.
Shallow longings,
crazy appetites.

Nor sound action,
nor true voice,
till last breath exists,
playing a lice.

Declining morale,
rising heights…
Larger billboards,
confined lives.

No one left,
to fight for rights.
None to catch-up,
with illusion of choice.

Amidst this all,
an alienated existence of a kind,
where heart’s misplaced,
mind’s untied.
Whispering words…
perhaps no one can find…
sharing it with clouds in heaven,
with all green in pines…
with all birds that sing,
and all in nature that shines.

How do you know
to root for which manifestation,
have you found yourself…
or you hunt for your own reflection…
when have you felt, lastly…
lost in translation…

– Dedicated to all those wandering and wondering…

Title of the poem is inspired and lifted from title of one of my favorite films: Sofia Coppola‘s “Lost in translation“.

Caged or free, unable to find self in world I see...

Are you caged, are you free? Can you find yourself in world you see…?

Picture Credits:

1. Promotional shot from film: Lost in Translation
2. Screen-cap from film: Her