In the Mood for Love

Digital Painting: City of Nostalgia

City of Nostalgia – Place they met first, and promised to meet again.

Leaving me alone,
and suspending my future
in pursuit of comfort,
chasing the happiness..
Shedding all boundaries
I looked for you
wherever I found myself lost.

But it wasn’t you
who I was looking for,
perhaps it was
a time forgone.

Breaching all sentries,
destroying all guards,
built against love;
built against shine,
not for me, nor for you.

For reestablishment
of moments once lived.
Invoking expressions
and feelings for
a frequency
lost almost.

Forever in sounds,
looping echoes of whistles,
keeping me dry,
for words unspoken to you
for emotions unexpressed and
moments still-born.

What remains in ruins only,
a foundation,
of our timid connection.
Place I buried emotions
to never be shown.

Found myself amazed
empty of destination,
all promises sworn.
Delusions of simplicity,
working off for more.

Out on those moving planes
in light of symphony once lost
charm of hesitation
and nostalgia of what’s gone.
Pick me up
to tear me apart
“I’m in the mood for love”.

– Dedicated to Wong Kar-wai film: In the Mood for Love, and its subliminal background score “Yumeji’s theme” by Shigeru Umebayashi. The aesthetics that invoke feel of yearning and frustration, a lingering experience – a poetry in motion.

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Update: 10/1/2013

Couplets from poem: "In the mood for love"

Typewritten stanzas from poem: “In the mood for love”

Why my heart skipped the beat, I recalled… (Dil Dhadakne Ka Sabab Yaad Aaya)

– Rendition by Ghulam Ali (Youtube)


Why my heart skipped the beat, I recalled.
It was your memory that teased me, I recalled.

It is tough today to even brace myself oh friend,
strange is my perplexing state; it’s you who I recalled.

Day was passing already giving some tough time,
and then there’s your promise of evening, I recalled.

Those forgotten promises of devotion of yours,
one would indeed become lifeless, if recalled.

Once again crossed my sight – countless people,
Once more some city of ecstasy, I recalled.

Even I would have revealed the state of heart,
was only by the time you left that I recalled.

Sitting in a shadow of tranquility today “Nasir”,
I cried a lot, of you what I care, I recalled.

– Dedicated to nostalgic memories…

Dil dhadakne ka sabab yaad aya
woh teri yaad thi, ab yaad aaya

aaj mushkil tha sambhalna ae dost
tu musibat mai ajab yaad aaya

din guzara tha badhi mushkil se
phir tera wadah e sham yaad aaya

haal e dil hum bhi sunate lekin
jub woh rukhsat huwa tab yaad aaya

beht ker saya e gul may nasir
hum bohut ro aye woh jub yaad aaya

– Original poetry by Nasir Kazmi; Has been performed by many legendary singers: Noor Jehan, Asha Bhosle, Pankaj Udhas, Shehnaz Begum and Ghulam Ali saheb.

Rendition by: Madam Noor Jehan:


Rendition by: Swati Natekar.

Rendition by: Arviand Ram