The Restless


Look at these curtains
the gusts of wind jolt,
to slip themselves in,
to make their way into the home.

They barge inside,
to occupy the void,
and inquire me of the place,
where you used to sit and chat.

Passionate they’re,
they desire to see your heart
and feel your face.
I find myself stoic,
and perhaps they do too…

I wish to share with them,
few moments,
in hope, they may have
fragrance of requited love,
even if in fragments…

Since it were they who used
to play with your hair,
it was they who used to make me
fall for your scent.

It were they who used to
caress your cheeks,
and rendered me restless,
to do the same.

But they find out too soon,
that I don’t have
any reply for them!
Hence, they leave me,
untouched – in solace…

They too love you,
equally like me, perhaps,
but they can find a place,
where they can have their rest.

– Dedicated to the restless wind with calm essence, and calm ones with the restless sense, both seeking what they haven’t got enough of…


Image Credits:

1. Windows – Laurent Pernot art piece.
2. Screen cap from movie: Lincoln.



Nights of December

"December Shade" by Ali Sohani

December Shade

Freezing up the beats,
the stillness in motion.
Her smell, soft touch
purple discourse as much,
gravity that pulls me,
ground zero of infatuation.

My evenings hued amber, I remember.

Ignorant me, how to move on,
able to forgive,
but an unforgettable eon.
her gesture and grace,
her whims and plays…
subtle beauty, the charm,
aura in eyes, that haze.

Weaving dreams of her, I remember.

Place, time,
smile sublime,
uncomfortable distance,
desperation for closeness,
warm hearts,
those piercing sights.

Ice in the weather, I remember.

Chills in heart,
spikes in chest,
that fragile innocence,
our meeting in nest.
desires of mine,
emergence of wings…

When love acquires feather, I remember.

Holding your hands till morning,
those Nights of December, I remember.

– Dedicated to all the December lovers!

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In the Mood for Love

Digital Painting: City of Nostalgia

City of Nostalgia – Place they met first, and promised to meet again.

Leaving me alone,
and suspending my future
in pursuit of comfort,
chasing the happiness..
Shedding all boundaries
I looked for you
wherever I found myself lost.

But it wasn’t you
who I was looking for,
perhaps it was
a time forgone.

Breaching all sentries,
destroying all guards,
built against love;
built against shine,
not for me, nor for you.

For reestablishment
of moments once lived.
Invoking expressions
and feelings for
a frequency
lost almost.

Forever in sounds,
looping echoes of whistles,
keeping me dry,
for words unspoken to you
for emotions unexpressed and
moments still-born.

What remains in ruins only,
a foundation,
of our timid connection.
Place I buried emotions
to never be shown.

Found myself amazed
empty of destination,
all promises sworn.
Delusions of simplicity,
working off for more.

Out on those moving planes
in light of symphony once lost
charm of hesitation
and nostalgia of what’s gone.
Pick me up
to tear me apart
“I’m in the mood for love”.

– Dedicated to Wong Kar-wai film: In the Mood for Love, and its subliminal background score “Yumeji’s theme” by Shigeru Umebayashi. The aesthetics that invoke feel of yearning and frustration, a lingering experience – a poetry in motion.

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Update: 10/1/2013

Couplets from poem: "In the mood for love"

Typewritten stanzas from poem: “In the mood for love”