The Fleeting Star


I see you in moon’s,
I see you in star’s light,
as their glimmer blankets
the roads, homes, valleys
and ceaseless sky…
Reciprocating the eyes
seeking to extinguish darkness with light
“I am yours, just –
slip your fingers into mine…”

I see you in waves
I see you in tides,
as they run across the miles
and dance on bed of sea
Reciprocating to the wind
that takes them into an arm
“I am yours, just –
slip your fingers into mine…”

I see you in rains,
I see you in cloud’s sigh,
that falls across the land
and holds under its spell
the magic infinite…
Reciprocating to the skies
that caresses them tight
“I am yours, just –
slip your fingers into mine…”

I see you in lows,
I see you in highs,
the ranges that are spread
atop the river’s spine,
as far as they see, the naked eyes…
Reciprocating to the sight
that chases it beyond all lines
“I am yours, just –
slip your fingers into mine…”

I see you in dreams,
I see you in rhymes,
those moments that carry
the poems sublime, with which
you compose symphony of life.
Reciprocating each heart beat,
tracing silage, for last location and sign,
“I am yours, just –
slip your fingers into mine…”

But you’re not here… my love,
you’re in my mind,
as a silhouette left
after the Sun has drowned.
– A light, that lingers,
even after star has ventured
far away.

In each moment that
I come closer,
I try to make you mine…
But you slip…
from my embrace
like I am trying to hold
a water or sand
too tight…

You’re a happiness that I find,
amidst a time when
one moment lapses onto another…
right at those intersections
where one line meets the other
to complete a circle.
And as much as I want
that moment to last,
I still find myself in void
after I loose your trail…
fortunately often
with moist on my lips to tell,
infinite did kiss the finite.


– Dedicated to those infinities that every finite wants to hold on to, for as long as possible…

Image Credits:
1. Beach Photography – wallpaper (
2. Ocean Rain – Stock wallpaper

The Magnitude

Man on sea shore

Look at you… I’m nothing in front of you… Yet I want to sink in… I want to melt in you!

I like moonlight, you’re a star.
I like spark, you’re the supernova!

I like dance, you’re an orchestrator…
I like constellation, you’re the space!

I like vibrations, you’re a tune!
I like rhythm, you’re a captivating pace…

I like whisper, you’re a cradle song.
I like word, you’re mercurial page.

I like a moment, you’re an eternity!
I like a potion, you’re an elixir!

I like engraved text, you’re a whirling sage!
I like ciphers, you’re labyrinthian maze!

I like twilight, you’re an endless sky…
I like letter, you’re the sanctified language.

I like patient lake, you’re a restless ocean.
I like inimitable feature, you’re an incomparable face!

I like drizzle, you’re weather free rain…
I like drops to satiate, you’re bottomless well!

I like faithless wind, you’re a loyal thunder…
I like aura of flower, you’re blue forest.

I like passion, you’re consuming!
I like curiosity, you’re bewilderment!

I like trust, you’re transparent!
I like dialog, you know language of silence!

I like honesty, you’re raw!
I like improvisation, you’re oblivious of flaw!

I like current, you’re a sea-storm,
I like blissful journey, you’re a trance forlorn!

I like intimate friend, you’re forever kind!
I like wise adversary, you’re a lingering fright!

I like a pebble, you’re like wall.
I like steep rock, you are the blazing mountain!

I like a soul lift, you’re like perpetual angel.
I like learned, you’re unbridled brilliance!

I like sweet, you’re fruit of paradise.
I like potent, you’re the wolf’s bane!

I like parting grace, you’re a eulogy!
I like subtle rank, but you have no end!

I like blunt heart, you’re a pensive crescent.
I like oscillation, you’re an eternal place!

You’re anything but what I seek,
yet everything I submerge and vanish into…

– Dedicated from an imperceptible lover to the arresting and engrossing beloved.