A path made through this hinge (Is Mod Se Jaate Hain)

– Originally created for celluloid by ecstatic combo of legends. Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, while lyrics penned by Gulzar, and when this couldn’t get any better, the music is by R.D. Burman. Song was a part of a poignant Hindi film of yesteryear: Aandhi (1975). The song was reportedly “shot at Pahalgam (Kashmir). Film’s most of the songs have architectural ruins as a backdrop, depicting brokenness.”


A path’s made through this hinge,
for few tracks tough to scale,
for some slopes hard to drift…

Towards a sanctuary made of stone,
inside a house of glass – moving,
destined to meet the nest of straw,
a path’s made through this hinge.

A path’s made through this hinge!

Blazing like a dust storm,
the pathway seems to flee,
with all its shy and modesty,
descending from the feet…

On these pavements made of silk,
there must be a road indeed,
bordering your doorstep,
a path passing through this hinge.

A path’s made through this hinge!

Closing in from a far away,
turns right after neighboring,
bewildering lonesome way,
neither in halt, nor in pacing.

Thinking this, I’ve stayed in waiting,
there must be a road indeed,
bordering your doorstep,
a path passing through this hinge.

A path’s made through this hinge!

I have fastened myself to a center,
from which thousands of ways are diverging,
from each a new direction emerges,
and escalates into a drifting.
In hope, a day would come,
you may come across this junction,
tilting your head, you’d ask me:
“Where that path is…”
(Where you and I could be)

A path’s made through this hinge!

– Dedicated to the pathways and hinges inclined to lead into surrendering…

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain
Kuch Sust Kadam Raste
Kuchh Tez Qadam Raahen

Patthar Ki Haveli Ko
Shishe Ke Gharaundon Mein
Tinkon Ke Nasheman Tak

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

Aandhi Ki Tarah Udhkar
Ik Raah Guzarati Hai
Sharamaati Hui Koi
Qadamon Se Utarati Hai
In Reshami Raahon Men
Ik Raah To Vo Hogi
Tum Tak Jo Pahunchati Hai
Is Mod Se Jaati Hai

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

Ik Dur Se Aati Hai
Paas Aake Palat-ti Hai
Ik Raah Akeli Si
Rukati Hai Na Chalti Hai
Ye Soch ke Baithi Hun
Ik Raah To Vo Hogi
Tum Tak Jo Pahunchati Hai
Is Mod Se Jaati Hai

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

(Extended piece from original poem):

Us Mod Pe Betha Hun,
Jis Mod Se Jati Hai,
Har Ek Taraf Raahein,
Ik Roz To Yun Hoga,
Is Mod pe Aakar Tum,
Ruk Jaogi Kah Dogi,
“Woh Konsa Rasta Hai?”
(Jis Raah Pe Jana Hai)

– Original lyrics by maestro poet: Gulzar sb.

Urdu version:

اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں
کچھـ سسـت قدم: رسـتے، کچھـ تیز قدم: راہیں

پتھر کی حویلی کو
شیشے کے گھروندوں میں
تنکوں کے نشیمـن تک
اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

آندهی کی طرح اڑ کر، ایک راه گـذرتی ہے
شرمـاتی ہوئی کویی، قدمـوں سے اترتی ہے
ان ریشمی راہوں میں، ایک راه تو وه ہوگی
تم تک جو پهنچتی ہے
اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

ایک دور سے آتی ہے، پاس آکے پلٹهتی ہے
ایک راه اکیلے سی، رکتی ہے نه چلتی ہے
یه سوچ کی بیٹهی ہوں
ایک راه تو وه ہوگی
تم تک جو پهنچتی ہے
اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

اس مـوڑ پہ بیٹھا ہوں
جس مـوڑ سے جاتی ہیں
ہر ایک طرف راہیں
ایک روز تو یوں ہوگا
اس مـوڑ پر آ کر تم
رک جاؤ گی کہہ دو گی
وہ کون سا رسـته ہے؟

#گلزار –

Female only version in soulful voice of Brinda Roy Chowdhury:

Male only version, in a soft texture:

Blossom in your eyes, secrets a few from Eden (Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Kuch Mehke Hue Se Raaz Hai)

– Originally a duet by incomparable singers: Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.
This sonnet is one that hints the season of spring in life… by all accounts: music, lyrics and of course the voice.


Blossom in your eyes, secrets a few from garden of Eden…
While your beauty tempts, your aura tempts more even…

When you speak, your lips exude the fumes of jasmine,
One wonders, if your eyes ever accompany a shore with-in…
Your voice is magic, when your silence is no less even…

Some mischief sure these expressions of yours keep in run…
It’s never you to shower the felicitations without reason…
Sure I am, these are your plans to tease me more even…

– Dedicated to never so silent the flowers of jasmine…

Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Kuch Mehke Hue Se Raaz Hein
Aap Se Bhi Khubsoorat Aap Ke Andaaz Hein

Lab Hile To Mogare Ke Phool Khilte Hai Kahin
Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Kya Saahil Bhi Milte Hai Kahin
Aap Ki Khaamoshiyaan Bhi Aap Ki Aawaaz Hein

Aap Ki Baaton Mein Phir Koyi Sharaarat To Nahin
Bevajeh Taareef Karna Aap Ki Aadat To Nahin
Aap Ki Badmaashiyon Ke Yeh Naye Andaaz Hein

– Original lyrics by legendary Indian poet and lyricist: Gulzar

Urdu version:

آپ کی آنکھوں کچھ بہکے ھوۓ سے خواب ھیں
آپ سے بھی خوبصورت آپ کے انداز ھیں

لب ھلیں تو موگرے کے پھول کھلتےھیں کہیں
آپ کی آنکھوں میں ساحل بھی ملتے ھیں کہیں
آپ کی خاموشیاں بھی آپ کی آواز ھیں

آپ کی باتوں میں پِھر کوئی شرارت تو نہیں
بے وجہ تعریف کرنا آپ کی عادت تو نہیں
آپ کی بدمعاشیوں كے یہ نئے انداز ھیں

#گلزار –

– A beautiful cover by a solo artist.

Once, I recall, an eve was strange (Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi)

– Performed mesmerizingly by Kishore Kumar, the music is given by Hemant Kumar.


Once, I recall, an eve was strange,
Eve today too is quite different.
Once, I recall, she was here,
today too it feels, she isn’t distant…

In those eyes shying away,
perhaps my image was lingering.
In those lips giving away,
certain beauty was in blooming.
Way I gathered it,
she was humming my name along.
Once it felt to me like,
she’s smiling all along…

My shadow is breathing still,
in those eyes down gazed.
Blooming are her lips too,
hinting of a passion suppressed.
I know for sure now,
my name is being hummed along.
The thought persists now,
she is sure coming along…

– Dedicated to strange eves, where distance is not a distance any more.

Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi,
yeh shaam bhi ajeeb hai,
Woh kal bhi paas paas thi,
woh aaj bhi kareeb hai…

Jhuki hui nigaahon mein,
kahin mera khayaal tha,
Dabi dabi hansi mein ek,
haseen saa gulaal tha,
Main sochta tha,
mera naam gunguna rahi hai woh,
Na jaane kyon laga, mujhe,
ke muskura rahi hai woh…

Mera khayaal hai abhi,
jhuki hui nigaah mein,
Khuli hui hansi bhi hai,
dabi hui si chaah mein,
Main janta hoon, mera naam,
gunguna rahi hai woh,
Yahi khayaal hai, mujhe,
ke saath aa rahi hai woh…

– Original lyrics penned by non other than famous Indian poet and lyricist Gulzar saheb. Song belongs to classic Hindi film: Khamoshi – 1969.