The Insurmountable


Had there been a huge wall of rocks
to scale between us…
we would’ve built stairs together
even if by piling all our possessions,
to nail a pole, holding the flag of surmounting love…
for we intended to never harm
the vines or twines of nature
that surrounded us,
and built us a nest – a safe haven when
we were most withered.

Had there been a mighty ocean
to swim between us…
we would’ve built a bridge together
even from straws spread across the shore
to cross and discover love-islands we adored,
for we intended to never harm
the trees that guarded us
and protected us
from the storms when
we were most scattered.

Had there been a gigantic mountain
to climb between us…
we would’ve formed the ropes together
even from shreds of clothes covering us,
to reach the peak intensity of our love…
for we intended to never harm
the nature that kept us enclosed
and sheltered
from strong winds that blew when
we were light feathered.

Had there been a blinding fog
to swab between us…
we would’ve inhaled it all together
even at cost of the senses that empowered us,
to establish purity of an unending love…
for we intended to never harm
the weather or the seasons
that were always kind to us,
showering their blessings
as dew and sparkle when
we were most dry and arid.

Had there been a breathing volcano
to pass over between us…
we would’ve built clouds and thunders together,
even by evaporating ourselves into a thin air,
to soothe a fire in mountains from rains of love…
for we intended to never harm
the geezers of nature,
and fountains of warmth,
that kept our world soothing, and
filled our wells with compassion, when
we were most abandoned.

Had there been a thick forest
to maneuver between us…
we would’ve explored its maze together
even by forsaking all we regarded dear,
to prove what pulled us together was more
entwined than anything that appeared
for we intended to never harm
the decorum of territories or foliage patterns,
that kept us segregated
from the beasts and the demons when
we were most befuddled.

Had there been a puddle of quicksand
to crossover between us…
we would’ve built the wings together,
even by forfeiting our right to stumble,
to own the sky which hosts pairs of birds forever
for we intended to never harm
the sacred grounds, ambiance or atmosphere,
that kept us close and tight among those
we called our own, when
we didn’t know even a definition of love.

But alas, my love,
we couldn’t do that…

For what we faced
were man-made
impediments and sanctions,
those fences and barriers,
such encompassing restrictions…
that were perhaps,
more mightier than the oceans,
more higher than the mountains,
more blinding than the fog,
and even thicker than the forests…
or any other resistance in nature…

For those
hand drawn borders fractured the free sky
we would have created ripples of love in…
and hefty piles of traditions drowned the boats
that carried the love’s offspring,
Those sanctity of religions,
restricted heart beats and thoughts
that made one come close to beloved.
And those nailed shackles of
color, caste, creed, and background
that managed to bind everything together
except love…

The world we live in
still ranks people,
and relations on basis of everything
that comes along
involuntarily bound to us
since an incident of birth…
And somehow they become so
relevant to keep our souls in
chains and cuffs;
For justification of
our hearts to be sealed behind the
the walls and fences invincible…
to keep us apart forever from what our
souls crave, from our heart’s hunger…
no matter how much we intended or
geared towards all the passion and love…

we didn’t know how to try better, my love…
May be we gave up way too soon
like the weaklings
we could give chance to something,
we read in books, tales and poems,
didn’t they preach us
“only thing insurmountable is an unending love”.

– Dedicated to “Love – insurmountable”…


Art/ Image credits:

1- Angel falls – Location: Venezuela
2- Embrace – Artist: Tomasz Alen Kopera

The destiny of a river

This poem is a response to Miss Tayyeba Irum‘s slow burning verse… On the banks of river


I am the river,
on the banks of which
stands an endless forest…
of fear, thirst, doubt,
hunger and darkness…

Wind, dew, rain, fog,
and even eyes that behold
contours and tangents…
pass through the dense
before they reach my doorstep.

They tell me,
beasts are my guards
and pines are the sage…
they are to look after me,
save me from intruders,
who misdirect or steer
in different directions…

I am told,
I am to walk along them,
if I am to reach
the farthest…
They have already figured,
it seems,
the outcome of all bends…

Like, how my each step
may play out, and
what would be the pace…
how on to my surroundings,
my flow will leave effect,
how each curve
will be making a difference…

But they miss seeing,
what is desired
by my heart…
uttered by each drop
that exists to make soul whole,
never misplaced…

The passion to break bonds
can never be understood
by those who keep perimeters.
And a desire to surrender,
can never be fulfilled
by the spectators.

Love me all you want,
adore me for my imperfections,
compliment me for my fierceness,
and accompany me to decorate a canvas…

But know this…
Rivers are meant not to be guarded,
they’re destined to merge into the ocean!

– Dedicated to the rivers…


Image Credits:

1. River Forest (wallpaper)
2. Ocean Waterfall (wallpaper)

Live to Confess

The appearance of the beloved urges the lover to confess…
Perhaps, how a sight of the star allures a rock to confess.

What took so long to create one they hear is a masterpiece.
They believe in night of revelation ‘the artist’ would confess.

Uncovered is now the site that was long buried in a dune.
What used to be a norm once, the worn walls did confess.

The peace your foe was stranded off to for an entire life.
Frisk those torn rags, perhaps a sand on ground would confess.

Those places where even stars get pushed over the edge.
Observe them at the darkest, your heart would confess.

Let the night guard be obstructed by clouds today..
In lieu of veil allow a drunkard few spells to confess.

Mind not my falls today that too steep is a mountain,
Earnest of climber requires mere moments to confess.

Strange is an ocean restless to kiss the shore for lover’s steps.
In those memories who drowned again seeking to confess.

Notice the folly of love for the beloved who betrayed forever.
On same doorsteps one finds self, by the morning to confess.

What resolve did one observe under the influence last day?
Taints on the sheets, ink marks on the body too confess.

What was the name of the flower that revived thee?
Speaking less of thy own, whole garden did confess.

Notice an evening bride, read visage of hers to tell apart.
Which part is here to avenge, what part is absent to confess.

Fragrances of the past are not going to last for much longer.
At time of the twilight, even passing wind here did confess.

Did read an adage loud – the Pastor after hearing all the story,
“Let this not be forgotten: we born to suffer but live to confess.”

“When will I be seeing you again?” asked the confidant once,
Replied: “Perhaps, after few irredeemable sins to confess.”

For what the world of today exhibits as sample of humanity,
what value holds a man in here, even Titans would confess.

Rumor is, for all mess, they’ll lend a credit to an alien race.
Before pen strikes paper, allow criminal some courtesy to confess.

What is hidden behind an illusion, a mask or another face?
No sheets of glass, no mirror in a world can confess.

Inescapable was an irony, facing after the years
Found my robe stained too after hearing the foe confess.

Consider today the flame is going to fade finally!
Tell Majestic now, what is that you have to confess…

– Dedicated to the confessions of a lover for the sake of more love.

Art/ Image Credits:
1. Love Confession by Vladamir Kush.
2. Alber Camus Quote –

The Libertine


Even oceans become mere a glass of wine for the libertine…

I wanna sink in the sky,
let oceans be showered on me.
I wanna swim with the birds
let the fishes fly over me…

I would mix my hues in
the colors of the rainbow.
Let world experience triumph
and ecstasy through me.

Surprised be not, for
wanderlust in vicinity.
Be surprised instead, when hear,
a weather inquiry from me.

Feel the nature turning
a sigh into the storm.
Hell of lightning and thunder
is mere a whisper to me.

For a flight of rebellion
through thunder storms,
Trees shy of heaven too
expand their arms for me.

No desire I have to mere
be a carrier of reflection.
Yet, if you imagine then
think of moon, not a lake of me.

The chalice possess contours,
flow of wine isn’t free.
Though born in a shell,
sky breathes sea in me.

Walls and structures melt
for new dawns to brim.
No fruit may remain
long forbidden to me.

‘Might is right’ claims kingdom,
swears the born King.
Felt the Pharaoh deceased
roaming alive near me.

From cradle to grave,
flag is one, one is the lore.
Turning men into sheep,
they refer ‘apostasy’ to me.

Exile me for heresy,
name me ‘the infidel’.
No place I wish among blind,
No rest belongs to me.

Perhaps, an outcast too, will learn
art of pleasing the somber.
Dedicate the book of miracles
for few nights to me.

Leisure invites bewilderment,
passion invites dance…
Clouds turn into cushion,
sky becomes a stage for me.

When sky exhibits seams
and ever separates the colors…
Love dwells not in measures
but in infinities for me.

“Why such steadfastness?”, ask they,
‘Majestic’ replies “Why not…?”
The depths of skies and oceans
store the virgins for me.

– Dedicated to the rule defiers and free thinkers.

Image Credits:

Por amor da liberdade


Click here to jump to Google Translate version of this page.

Me libertar
das algemas
de mentalidade estreita,
salva-me de
delírios de
do conhecimento
à sabedoria,
em um robe ver através de,
encontrar uma
emenda de vida,
me faz perder astúcia…

meu nome desaparecer,
minha fama desaparecer,
convidar-me para acender,
Fazei-me ver o que é invisível,

em êxtase
no amor,
revelar-me seus segredos,
segurar minhas mãos,
brotar fonte
do amor no ar,
faça-me uma gota
me perder no mar,
levar meu caminho,
Fazei-me ver o que está escondido,
me provar
um vinho
de amor,

tornar-me velho
renasce me jovem
dom me uma
essência de vôo,
a liberdade
me puro a partir de
todos elusivo,
me livre de novo.

– Tribute to greatest mystical poet Rumi.
Also dedicated to Portuguese poet: Fernando Pessoa and author José Saramago (writer of “Blindness”)
Photo Credits: From film: “Abraham’s Valley” by oldest active film director on planet: Portuguese filmmaker “Manoel de Oliveira”

Disclaimer: I don’t know Portuguese, one of my friends is learning the language, this was an experiment with her.

— Update: 9/30/2013

Here’s the taste of it in translated to English version:

English translated version of few couplets from Portuguese poem: "Por Amor Da Liberadade"

Por Amor Da Liberdade (For love of freedom…)

Credits to Maria for selecting the words that came out as most appropriate by a machine translation.

State of Women

Artistic Portrait: Showcasing women and her state of non-empowerment and lack of liberty

Women’s state…

Educated: Yes, Liberated: No
Education doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Empowerment does.

To sleep: Yes, To dream: No
Luxury doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Self-Confidence does.

Social pressures: Yes, Rationale: No
Social status doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Mental status does.

Grounded: Yes, Freedom: No
Security doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Opportunity does.

To survive: Yes, Fight for right: No
Safety doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Freedom of expression does.

Endure: Yes, War Cry: No
Tolerance doesn’t complete her,
what does? – A right to compete does.

Impression: Yes, Passion: No
Achievement doesn’t complete her,
what does? – An excellence does.

To fit: Yes, To relate: No
Perfection doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Sense of belonging does.

To give birth: Yes, To nurture: No
Being a mother doesn’t complete her,
what does? – Making her children independent does.

– Dedicated to women and their rightful empowerment all over the world.

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The great refuges: Suppression – a classical conditioning; Censorship – an indispensable tool

Suppression and Censorship

Suppress and Censor

Welcome to the animal farm!

Yep… Good going.. Ban YouTube, Ban sites, Ban Torrents, Ban TV Channels, Ban Books, Ban Pillion Riding, Close Networks, Kill Packages…

A land or community where censorship and suppression is preferred more than the awareness and reason, pronounces as much about the character of its leaders as it does about its people.

Ssshhh…! Don’t you dare raise a voice, our leaders believe in oppression more than the rights of citizen; in suppression more than reason and setting the right direction. Count yourself among the fortunate ones, that they haven’t advanced enough to hear your chatter and probe into your social networks, otherwise you’d be eager to just express let alone act. – Uh-oh…!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the very act of our always settling down for little which makes us to lose a big picture right away. Being quickly thankful, calm and satisfied for when something is thrown our way or something is not taken away – gradually turning us into an indifferent being for the others; if it’s the same thing that makes us less curious, less eager, and less passionate to fight for our rights, to stand for others and to strive for what we deserve.

A sole person may be a victim, but when it comes to people – a collective, it’s more than a usual that they themselves are participating as a culprit in their own victimization. Any time when you ignore raising a voice, when you suppress your emotions, when you’re “OK” with the way things are even when in actual you’re not; Any time when you pretend to go with a flow, when you conform to the masses while your logic and reason says otherwise; Any time you don’t dare to take a stand against the dictators, don’t ask for transparency of information you deserve – you lose an accountability on your part to make sure that the people who’re administrating or representing you are doing the right job. You put yourself in comfortably numb position, where you become a poster – an invitation for exploitation.

If being pessimist is to be passive, why being an optimist isn’t to be an ‘active’? Why just settle for a half-glass and count yourself a king of the world, why not accept the truth and strive to do better? Why are we so comfortable in being treated like a vegetable? Why choose a shortcut – an under the table deal? Why suck a lollypop that won’t last long instead of choosing to learn, apply and have a right to make your own candy-land?

For the leaders: When you choose censorship over nurture-ship, banning and shutting over devising programs that inspire and motivate people, set their direction, make them better in logic and reason, yet all in engaging way – you exhibit rest of the world that your people aren’t capable of that… that they haven’t yet reached a bar of maturity required… that they would rather be suppressed than being taught or reasoned with. Well, then good luck for trying to stop other worlds (societies, communities, groups, nations) taking an undue advantage of you, or you stopping those who’re already doing it… because evidently you literally spelled out to them what you’re made of.

By the way, good luck censoring your local screw-ups on the global radar… you can’t do that, can you… ? Hmm!