I found…

This poem is a sequel to the poem: Lately…


“What I needed most was really a lightness to swim, the day I earned my wings.”

I found, for every being,
who loves the rivers and sea
or the oceans for their storage
of fragments of history,
dives deep in, to recover the debris,
sometimes ends up becoming it.

I found, for every being,
who loves the ruins, ancient structures,
and the abandoned places,
in search of a treasure we all seek,
digs deep in, to recover a peace,
sometimes ends up succumbing to it.

I found, for every being,
who loves to fly in a dream,
weaving flying carpet of fantasy
that breaches walls and boundaries,
falls deep, if no attempts are made
such that reality turns in.

I found, for every being,
who loves to lend a visit to galleries,
or to listen rhythm of a thundering,
gives a lot in, to acquire the wings,
forgetting, one takes home back
more than one ever brings.

I found, for every being,
who loves interacting with seasons,
be it an autumn, be it a spring,
keeps longing, to re-create, what
no longer exists, till day, one self
turns  into an object of yearning.

Similarly, I found, for every being,
how love is still a necessity,
like an air for human to breath on,
blood for a vampire to quench on…
flesh for a beast to feed on…

That no matter what,
even when one’s not oblivious
of fantasy within, of all the consequences,
one would not stop,
till demise is reached,
of all hope lurking still somewhere in shadows,
or of the lover seeking a resolution.

In one way or another, it would go on,
till sun of yearning, and moon of longing,
keep drowning, yet to rise again
from bed of ocean.


“Quite like that I found myself there, way I found myself in you… Deeply embedded.”

– Dedicated to discoveries one stumbles upon, in the journey of love…

Image credits:
1. An underwater sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, entitled ‘Resurrection’.
2. Sculpture discovered from an Ancient Egyptian city named Heracleion or Thonis.

A path made through this hinge (Is Mod Se Jaate Hain)

– Originally created for celluloid by ecstatic combo of legends. Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, while lyrics penned by Gulzar, and when this couldn’t get any better, the music is by R.D. Burman. Song was a part of a poignant Hindi film of yesteryear: Aandhi (1975). The song was reportedly “shot at Pahalgam (Kashmir). Film’s most of the songs have architectural ruins as a backdrop, depicting brokenness.”


A path’s made through this hinge,
for few tracks tough to scale,
for some slopes hard to drift…

Towards a sanctuary made of stone,
inside a house of glass – moving,
destined to meet the nest of straw,
a path’s made through this hinge.

A path’s made through this hinge!

Blazing like a dust storm,
the pathway seems to flee,
with all its shy and modesty,
descending from the feet…

On these pavements made of silk,
there must be a road indeed,
bordering your doorstep,
a path passing through this hinge.

A path’s made through this hinge!

Closing in from a far away,
turns right after neighboring,
bewildering lonesome way,
neither in halt, nor in pacing.

Thinking this, I’ve stayed in waiting,
there must be a road indeed,
bordering your doorstep,
a path passing through this hinge.

A path’s made through this hinge!

I have fastened myself to a center,
from which thousands of ways are diverging,
from each a new direction emerges,
and escalates into a drifting.
In hope, a day would come,
you may come across this junction,
tilting your head, you’d ask me:
“Where that path is…”
(Where you and I could be)

A path’s made through this hinge!

– Dedicated to the pathways and hinges inclined to lead into surrendering…

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain
Kuch Sust Kadam Raste
Kuchh Tez Qadam Raahen

Patthar Ki Haveli Ko
Shishe Ke Gharaundon Mein
Tinkon Ke Nasheman Tak

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

Aandhi Ki Tarah Udhkar
Ik Raah Guzarati Hai
Sharamaati Hui Koi
Qadamon Se Utarati Hai
In Reshami Raahon Men
Ik Raah To Vo Hogi
Tum Tak Jo Pahunchati Hai
Is Mod Se Jaati Hai

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

Ik Dur Se Aati Hai
Paas Aake Palat-ti Hai
Ik Raah Akeli Si
Rukati Hai Na Chalti Hai
Ye Soch ke Baithi Hun
Ik Raah To Vo Hogi
Tum Tak Jo Pahunchati Hai
Is Mod Se Jaati Hai

Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

(Extended piece from original poem):

Us Mod Pe Betha Hun,
Jis Mod Se Jati Hai,
Har Ek Taraf Raahein,
Ik Roz To Yun Hoga,
Is Mod pe Aakar Tum,
Ruk Jaogi Kah Dogi,
“Woh Konsa Rasta Hai?”
(Jis Raah Pe Jana Hai)

– Original lyrics by maestro poet: Gulzar sb.

Urdu version:

اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں
کچھـ سسـت قدم: رسـتے، کچھـ تیز قدم: راہیں

پتھر کی حویلی کو
شیشے کے گھروندوں میں
تنکوں کے نشیمـن تک
اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

آندهی کی طرح اڑ کر، ایک راه گـذرتی ہے
شرمـاتی ہوئی کویی، قدمـوں سے اترتی ہے
ان ریشمی راہوں میں، ایک راه تو وه ہوگی
تم تک جو پهنچتی ہے
اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

ایک دور سے آتی ہے، پاس آکے پلٹهتی ہے
ایک راه اکیلے سی، رکتی ہے نه چلتی ہے
یه سوچ کی بیٹهی ہوں
ایک راه تو وه ہوگی
تم تک جو پهنچتی ہے
اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

اس مـوڑ سے جاتے ہیں

اس مـوڑ پہ بیٹھا ہوں
جس مـوڑ سے جاتی ہیں
ہر ایک طرف راہیں
ایک روز تو یوں ہوگا
اس مـوڑ پر آ کر تم
رک جاؤ گی کہہ دو گی
وہ کون سا رسـته ہے؟

#گلزار –

Female only version in soulful voice of Brinda Roy Chowdhury:

Male only version, in a soft texture:

The Void

Shahi Qilla Lahore

Waiting for a lost echo to return again…

I search you in
the ruins of an ancient
civilization, buried for long.
Like you’re an old treasure
hidden still behind the debris.

I search you in
the rubbed off writings of
the letters left.
Like you’re in a text that
moonlights as clues and hints.

I search you in
the walls of the sanctuaries
like you’re some direction
inscripted to elevate
the soul’s miseries.

I search you in
the windows of the long minarets,
surrounding the palace like guards.
Like you’re peeking through them
as bright light or bird impatient.

I search you in
the fumes of the silage left behind
after an uncalled separation.
Like you’re in the traces
of wind that rules the place.

I search you in
the pools gone dry for years, yet
craving to mirror the starlit canvas.
Like you’re in residue of layers,
where celestial bodies overcast
their net of shadows.

I search for you.
I search for my belongings
that parted along you.
Leaving here everything
but life…

– Dedicated to the relics and the void with in frames.

Art Reference: Shahi Qilla, Lahore, Pakistan

Image Credits: Flickr.com

In the Mood for Love

Digital Painting: City of Nostalgia

City of Nostalgia – Place they met first, and promised to meet again.

Leaving me alone,
and suspending my future
in pursuit of comfort,
chasing the happiness..
Shedding all boundaries
I looked for you
wherever I found myself lost.

But it wasn’t you
who I was looking for,
perhaps it was
a time forgone.

Breaching all sentries,
destroying all guards,
built against love;
built against shine,
not for me, nor for you.

For reestablishment
of moments once lived.
Invoking expressions
and feelings for
a frequency
lost almost.

Forever in sounds,
looping echoes of whistles,
keeping me dry,
for words unspoken to you
for emotions unexpressed and
moments still-born.

What remains in ruins only,
a foundation,
of our timid connection.
Place I buried emotions
to never be shown.

Found myself amazed
empty of destination,
all promises sworn.
Delusions of simplicity,
working off for more.

Out on those moving planes
in light of symphony once lost
charm of hesitation
and nostalgia of what’s gone.
Pick me up
to tear me apart
“I’m in the mood for love”.

– Dedicated to Wong Kar-wai film: In the Mood for Love, and its subliminal background score “Yumeji’s theme” by Shigeru Umebayashi. The aesthetics that invoke feel of yearning and frustration, a lingering experience – a poetry in motion.

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Update: 10/1/2013

Couplets from poem: "In the mood for love"

Typewritten stanzas from poem: “In the mood for love”