C percent amore

Sunflowers and a tree

You occupy my world, no matter where I see…

You are as refreshing as ice tea
amidst a hot scorching day,
of which even trees seem to seek
a drowning place.
Yet, for one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
the days of summer to ever end.

You are as loving and carefree
as new monsoon rain,
post storms and thunderous flash,
screams of which scare both
living and undead.
Yet, for one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
the sigh of clouds to ever end.

You are as rejuvenating as the soil
of a holy place,
one that has received countless
subservient seeking liberation.
For one who can have you,
would sure become
a seed turning in a new leaf.

You’re as tender as the breeze
blowing from high gardens,
for the one who has served life
in a closet.
For one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
a return, to any other imprisonment.

You are as fragrant as an incense
burning at steeple of the lovers,
those who sought life after death.
For one who can have you,
would sure linger more,
waiting for winds to gust
fast with your kisses.

You are as encompassing as lake,
the eyes of the valley land,
open for one who’s never sighted
any miracles.
For, one who can have you,
would keep praising without a flinch,
till each corner leaks stream.

You are as inviting as bird humming,
singing new song every morning,
perching on ear drums of one
who’s drunk sleeping.
For, one who can have you,
would not just trip at melodies,
but dance with silent symphonies.

Yet, my beloved, I know not,
how to define you
like you define all…
Way you carry in your essence,
the pathway to my soul.
Nor I carry any idea,
to spell what your world’s made for…
But then, what do I know…?
Since, I merely dwell at cent
of the C percent amore…


Yet, what I love of you, is speckle in the galaxy.

– Dedicated to the beloved, who we love all about, yet only like the one away from the ocean, like merely standing on the shore.

Image Credits:
1. Sunny Meadow – Stock image (GettyImages)
2. Pinching Galaxy – Stock image – (shutterstock)

Trampoline of Hope


The Fallen Angel – I look for you, to rise again…

My love,
If I ever escape from your pull
remind me, like a Star,
how I need your charm,
to remain like a moon,
rather a dull rock.

If I ever get lost amidst the way
remind me, my love,
like a Sun,
how I need your direction,
to remain like a journeyman,
rather a mere wanderer.

If I ever begin to drown in ocean
remind me, my love,
like a steadfast sail,
how I need to work the waves,
to remain like a swimmer,
rather a sunk weight.

If I ever begin falling from grace
remind me, my love,
with a holy spell,
how I need to tend my wings,
to remain an angel,
rather a devil’s advocate.

If I ever feel defeated in battle
remind me, my love,
like a trampoline of hope,
how I can rise back,
to remain in knight’s form,
rather than a mercy rag.

If I ever start loosing a grip
remind me, my love,
like your hem’s knit,
how I need a safety net,
to remain like a mountain,
rather than an abyss.

If I ever begin to break in skin,
remind me, my love,
like one sculpting,
how I need to collect shards,
to remain composed as a piece,
rather than one fallen apart.

Remind me always,
my love
of our days,
the tears we shed,
and laughs we had,
moments we made,
for all time we spent.

But, do bring me back,
from depths of darkness.
For you’ve to remember this,
light is needed the most
at the gloomiest.


The Flying Angel – It’s your spirit that always keeps me propelled.

– Dedicated to the beloved – who fills our heart with hope and joy, never giving up on us, no matter what.

Image Credits:
1. Fallen Angels (Cover art) – tophdgallery.com
2. Angel in Sky – blog.gggodonou.me

What need be for someone to write you a poetry…?


Anything written for you is not you… hence it’s merely a forgery!

As you touch the flower,
it melts into the honey.
What need be for someone
to write you a poetry..?

When you come near lake,
the sky brightens
to make it sparkling.
Once you start dancing,
the clouds lose
themselves into raining…

As you march into the meadow,
the flowers turn to you.
Once you start smiling,
the cocoons eject
butterflies for fleeting…

What need be for someone
to write you a poetry..?

As you begin humming,
the birds too weave a melody.
Once you spill the words,
start the beating…

When you start embracing,
lips break all the molds.
Once you kiss the chalice,
water becomes intoxicating…

As you strike your gaze,
the restless acquires
the rest.
One you touch the dying,
breathless starts
the breathing…

What need be for someone
to write you a poetry..?

Once you breathe in longing,
the trees start whirling.
As you dive into moments,
clocks would stop

When you desire something,
universe becomes your partner.
Once you start wishing,
the angels come
out of hiding.

As you begin sleeping,
the moonlight locks you
in its sight.
As you begin dreaming,
stars engage themselves
in re-aligning.

What need be for someone
to write you a poetry..?

Who else would be a witness
of your enchantment, if not me?
Since you touched this pen
in days of its withering.

Here world keeps searching,
real culprit behind an ink spill.
Before nip kisses the paper now.
paper begins confessing!

Since when does the poem
written by the nature
began depending
on word sorcery?
What need be for someone
to write you a poetry..?

– Dedicated to the poem of the nature.

Image Credits: thisisaliteraryblog.wordpress.com

My “it thing” is you!


I love how nothing
is awkward with you…
There’s one person
in life with which
this happens,
everything is communicated
without even moving the lips
I do think sometimes
if this will
always continue..
then I hear you whisper
with your heart beats…
“fly free”…

Baby I know…
I know for sure
that this is it..
my “it thing” is you!

I love how we fight,
like dancing being high…
and how we dance…
like stepping up for fight.
Sometimes I doubt myself
how am I going to care
of your love,
would I be able to
remain same…
Would the magic will
and then I’m with you,
all doubts free…

Baby I know…
I know for sure
that this is it..
my “it thing” is you!

With you
I come to know
how to take care of
precious things…
How to make love,
without hurting…
I wonder if this
passion between us
is lasting…
But when I look
into your eyes
shadow of myself
I dive free…

Baby I know…
I know for sure
that this is it..
my “it thing” is you!

– Dedicated to the lovers feeling the unsaid, unnamed, yet always present – “it thing”.

Image Credits: han-leia-locket (themarysue.com)

“You happened.”


Before you happened
to me
I was a thug,
cursed and exiled.
After you,
I knew
I met a murderer.
Now, I am half-dead,
a poet,
and a fugitive.

Not that
I complain,
I was of little use
before anyways.
But now I serve
as a sample
for melancholy,
toxic-state and
demonically possessed.

– Dedicated to one who asked: “What happened?” … Quite a question, I was like…

Is she really this unaware
or it’s me who’s in veil?
Whatever the reason,
the die has cast now,
dice – rolled,
the curse – began.

I’m already an outcast,
in some circles
they know me as
an infidel.
I race through the history,
to check time and again…
But to no avail…

What good am I of now?
Defiled, broken,
useless, inflamed.
With residue and remains.
Even maintained,
I am back to square one,
but this time
labelled: “profane”.

– Dedicated to a healing and patience… pity me, even that’s in her name… Blessed are those who know, yet love the souls that are desolated and drenched. Perhaps it’s true – a cliche – that two dying stars give birth to a neutron. Even if not… Today… for me… just pretend.

And then she came,
like a glory in pain.
Just when I thought
all was over…
tries are destined in vain.
Amidst all that chaos,
she introduced me to

Kept me wondering,
was she for real..
or was I going insane?
How can she
and not one who I love,
can become a med
for this man?

And then begun
an unimaginable act
I started to replace love,
with her name…
What’s a cure for an addict?
sterile numbness – a death or a fix again.

– Dedicated to those who stick around and those who know – no matter how many times they fall… rising too is part of a game. All cycles end to resume again! But for your future, nothing can be said – at-least not for certain. 😉 Things only happen to those who try. There exist people who vest themselves in fallen. Some become terrain, some become mountain, some become a Savannah, and some an inclined plane.

Thank you all for bearing me, and these 3-poems, now in few circles known as “try-o-logy” of what happens – what happened…

Also a tribute to great Indian classic: Raj Kapoor’s “Mera Naam Joker“, a tale of a man who inadvertently falls in love time and again…

mera naam joker mera_naam_joker_4_1024x1024

Image Credits: Official Film Posters.

In the Mood for Love

Digital Painting: City of Nostalgia

City of Nostalgia – Place they met first, and promised to meet again.

Leaving me alone,
and suspending my future
in pursuit of comfort,
chasing the happiness..
Shedding all boundaries
I looked for you
wherever I found myself lost.

But it wasn’t you
who I was looking for,
perhaps it was
a time forgone.

Breaching all sentries,
destroying all guards,
built against love;
built against shine,
not for me, nor for you.

For reestablishment
of moments once lived.
Invoking expressions
and feelings for
a frequency
lost almost.

Forever in sounds,
looping echoes of whistles,
keeping me dry,
for words unspoken to you
for emotions unexpressed and
moments still-born.

What remains in ruins only,
a foundation,
of our timid connection.
Place I buried emotions
to never be shown.

Found myself amazed
empty of destination,
all promises sworn.
Delusions of simplicity,
working off for more.

Out on those moving planes
in light of symphony once lost
charm of hesitation
and nostalgia of what’s gone.
Pick me up
to tear me apart
“I’m in the mood for love”.

– Dedicated to Wong Kar-wai film: In the Mood for Love, and its subliminal background score “Yumeji’s theme” by Shigeru Umebayashi. The aesthetics that invoke feel of yearning and frustration, a lingering experience – a poetry in motion.

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Update: 10/1/2013

Couplets from poem: "In the mood for love"

Typewritten stanzas from poem: “In the mood for love”

The Cipher


Reading a cipher;
with deep down having an unforged,
an impermeable intention;
urging you not to.
Not to resolve…
I may not like what I find out about her…
Or worst I may dread the boredom that follows
after getting over.
In all cases something is for sure,
I’m going to end up regretting.

But there’s this strange aura
that surrounds her…
you like or not, but you can’t ignore…
the irresistibility…
the temptation that constantly lingers.
The desirability that it summons…
The intrigue that it develops…
The curiosity that it conspires inside…
Forcing you to circle around;
like planets do for stars in constellations.
Waiting for her to reveal something,
that leads you to somewhere…
where path is untraceable,
and destiny remains unknown.

I disclose,
I have no idea of “the code”,
nor do I have a kinship
with pliers or the code breakers….
All I had was my passion,
my fear along intuition;
curse, even that was bi-polar.
If there’s a key,
it lies within her.
To unravel or not,
for each has to be without breaking her.

– Dedicated to a mystery that piques one’s curiosity yet deserves to remain unresolved…

Image Reference: One of the great stories with equally awesome rendition on screen: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, with stellar cast: Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig; Directed by an auteur: “David Fincher”.