Milya kar…

​”Teri zyaarat mera haq hai,
Mera haq na kha, menu milya kar”

Teri ibaadat faqt ik farz hai,
Mei jogi banjawan gar tu milya kar.

Je aaye Amber’o badlaan Ghaneray,
Seeyahi vich Chandni odh milya kar.

Raat beetau’n aangan vich pyasa,
Sawer dhoop mei chashni bn milya kar.

Jug ghoomiya mein talash mei teri,
Tu dil vich thaat paa k hi milya kar.

Ki khabar menu kia husn-e-qitab,
Tu qisay hikayaton mei yun milya kar.

Barson huay teri khushbu bhulaye,
Yaada’n vich aake hoshyaar milya kar.

Kon janay kehde mannat de dhagay
Tu darkhta’n likhe naam naal milya kar.

Masjid qalisa dhayein Dushman je tu
Dewara’n chappi Ibarata’n vich milya kar.

Teri talash mei khojein sehra saray,
Qadma de nishaa’n chhor milya kar.

Hont sookhay karein ye faryadan,
Tu Tapti rait mein Amrit ho k milya kar.

Logan vich saadi baata’n hein,
Mainu aida saj dhaj k na milya kar.

Tuj mei aur muj mei kehda parda hai,
Tu jab mil muj se be hijab hi milya kar.

Teri mohabbat mei ranjhana shayar hai,
Werna log kehnde ni “Dost, milya kar”.

Tera hun Suhani na puuch baar baar,
Mujh se kadi ye haq jata k vi milya kar.

– Dedicated to the one who wrote the first couplet of the poem, since I fell so much in love with it that I was helplessly inclined to write a whole poem.

The Immersion

In times, after a day tiring,
and in nights without rest…
I seek to sit beside you in silence,
to receive your warmth,
like you’re a fire lit beside camp,
and I am a vagabond, tired
of roaming in wild darkness.

I am inclined to fall into your lap,
to have some moments of rest,
like you’re a ground sacred,
and I am a leaf, that has
just parted from wreath.

I burn to slip into your hands,
to know what is it to be contained,
like you’re a goblet of rejuvenation,
and I, mere an ash – scattered,
from the glowing mountains.

I ache to immerse in your embrace,
to find how pain vanishes with grace,
like you’re a moon casting – a quilt of spells,
and I am a moth howling,
in lust of mystic flame.

I yearn to flow my pulse to your heart-beats,
to feel what’s rising and what’s drowning,
like you’re a river of passion scintillating,
and I, mere a stone split
from rocks eroded.

I wish to submerge inside your breaths,
to forget any other world that exists,
like you’re a portal to universe another,
and I, a war-ship, that long sought
exile from wars and battles.

I desire to sink my world in you,
in craving to earn, color of your hue.
Like you’re the star, arose
to inspire luminescence…
and I am among those
trifling forever in shadows…

No matter when you look,
you’ll find me longing for this essence.
I am too tired of whole world around
lingering their eyes on me
seeking some complacence.
While, all I strive is to settle
in your arms, as a meaningless.


– Dedicated to the only beloved who can immerse a lover totally…

Image Credits:

  1. “Ocean Atlas – Created by Jason deCaires Taylor” – Source:
  2. “Christ of the Abyss – Created by Guido Galletti” – Source:

C percent amore

Sunflowers and a tree

You occupy my world, no matter where I see…

You are as refreshing as ice tea
amidst a hot scorching day,
of which even trees seem to seek
a drowning place.
Yet, for one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
the days of summer to ever end.

You are as loving and carefree
as new monsoon rain,
post storms and thunderous flash,
screams of which scare both
living and undead.
Yet, for one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
the sigh of clouds to ever end.

You are as rejuvenating as the soil
of a holy place,
one that has received countless
subservient seeking liberation.
For one who can have you,
would sure become
a seed turning in a new leaf.

You’re as tender as the breeze
blowing from high gardens,
for the one who has served life
in a closet.
For one who can have you,
wouldn’t wish
a return, to any other imprisonment.

You are as fragrant as an incense
burning at steeple of the lovers,
those who sought life after death.
For one who can have you,
would sure linger more,
waiting for winds to gust
fast with your kisses.

You are as encompassing as lake,
the eyes of the valley land,
open for one who’s never sighted
any miracles.
For, one who can have you,
would keep praising without a flinch,
till each corner leaks stream.

You are as inviting as bird humming,
singing new song every morning,
perching on ear drums of one
who’s drunk sleeping.
For, one who can have you,
would not just trip at melodies,
but dance with silent symphonies.

Yet, my beloved, I know not,
how to define you
like you define all…
Way you carry in your essence,
the pathway to my soul.
Nor I carry any idea,
to spell what your world’s made for…
But then, what do I know…?
Since, I merely dwell at cent
of the C percent amore…


Yet, what I love of you, is speckle in the galaxy.

– Dedicated to the beloved, who we love all about, yet only like the one away from the ocean, like merely standing on the shore.

Image Credits:
1. Sunny Meadow – Stock image (GettyImages)
2. Pinching Galaxy – Stock image – (shutterstock)

Buy me the bewilderment!


Uniformity dwells around in such abundance, have lost touch to recognize symphony anymore…

Too much orderly is the sky, now a days,
I wish you reveal, storm in the veins,
show bird a way, to emerald forest again…

Too many are contented around it seems,
there’s no hint of complain, show your glimpse,
I wish you to mark me a struggler again…

The time is running at an untouchable pace,
I wish you to touch me, and hold me,
guide my way to be the home again…

Life has disbursed into the worldly escapades,
just scatter me around yourself, I wish you
sculpt me a whole again…

My color has begun to be well-known among the rest,
I wish, you just pull me off the scale,
paint me by your dreams again…

I know now how to appeal the world’s sense,
undo me a little in your arms, I wish you
just set me free again…

I know too much of how things will play out in the end,
set me on a spin, I wish you to
turn me into a dust again…

– Dedicated to those who’ve grown tired of certainty, and wish to submerge into mystic uncertainty again!

Moonlight Blue - Foggy Pines

Let me loose some leaves in the air, allow me to feel what is it to live again!

Photo Credits:

  1. Mystic Java (stock wallpaper)
  2. Midnight Blue – Foggy Pines (stock wallpaper)

My Master is one and only (Saahib mera ek hai)

This is my first attempt to translate a mystic poetry written in vernacular Hindi by a famous Indian Sufi poet Kabir.
For Kabir it’s said, he was illiterate yet a master of mystics of his time, simple living saint, his poetry expresses this, the profound imagery married with mystic meanings and earthly anecdotes is all rooted in simplicity.

My special thanks to Miss Maria Imran to point me towards his couplets while influencing me for translating and Miss Sidra Kamal for editing and reviewing. I truly believe mystic poetry in no way can be justified or bound to a single meaning, but following is just my humble try to relay its great essence and feeling.

– Beautiful and ecstatic rendition by one of the most internationally renowned artist of Sufi music Abida Parveen, presented by famous Indian lyricist and poet Gulzar saheb.

Saahib mera ek hai, duja kaha na jaaye,
Duja Saahib jo kahun, saahib khadda rachaaye.
My Master is one and only, comes close to him no sublime.
Should I speak of the other, master is one still to show sign.

Maali aavat dekh ke, kaliyaan kare pukar,
Phool phool chun liye, kaal hamari baar.
Looking at arriving gardener, such echoes of buds are.
Picked are ones that are blossomed, our day is too not far.

Chhah gayi chinta miti, manva beparvah
Jinko kuchhu na chaiye, woh hi Shahenshah.
Since worries dispersed as ashes, this heart is totally free!
For those who wish nothing, are indeed the ruler of destiny!

Het preet sun jo mile, ta ko miliye dhaaye
Antar raakhe jo mile, taase mile balaaye.
For those who talk of love, you will meet such countless…
For those who talk of an essence, are truly a breed rare….

Kabira te nar andh hai, guru ko kehte aur,
Har roothe Guru chhod hain, Guru roothe nahi chhod.
Kabir, truly blind are those, who have not yet got their master known…
For their discontent is forgiven by Him, but His displeasing has no cure.

Karta tha to kyun raha, ab kahe pachhtaye,
Bove peir babool ka, aam kahan se hoye.
Since time of deeds you paid no heed, why there now regrets high?
Sowed by you were seeds of a gum tree, how come mango would ripe?

Sab Dharti kaagad karun, lekhan sab ban raaye,
Saat samand ki muss karun, Guru gun likha na jaye.
Let earth serve as writing tablet, forests carve an instrument to write.
Let seven seas become an ink then, no way yet Master can be defined.

Ab guru dil mein dekheya, gaavan ko kachhu naahin,
Kabira jab tum gaavate, tab jana Guru nahi.
Since in your heart appeared the Master, what remains for you to sing…?
When you used to sing of mysteries, you didn’t know your Master a bit…

Main laaga uss ek se, ek bhaya sab maahin,
Sab mera main saban ka, tihan doosara naahin.
To one and only I give my heart whole, in one I find all there that is….
When all belongs to me, I breath in everything, who else can reign within?

Ja marne se jag dare, mere man anand,
Kab mar hun kab paahun, puran parmanand.
Where people are afraid of killing self, I am sound and relaxed.
For as soon as I kill my image from self, I will find truth ultimate.

Sab ban to chandan nahi, shoore ke dal nahi,
sab samundra moti nahi yun Sadhu jag mahi.
Not every tree smells like sandalwood, not all teams relay tales of bravery.
Nor each sea has hidden a gem beneath, that’s how not all monks are piously.

Jab hum jag mein pag dharyo, sab hanse hum roye,
Kabira ab aisi kar chalo, paache hansi na hoye.
When I stepped in this world transient, everyone laughed while I cried.
Now let’s do something as such Kabir, that we leave everyone with smile.

Agun kiye to bahu kiye, karat na mani haar,
Bhaven banda bhakshe, bhaaven gardan maar.
Once ridden on a path of miss conducts, not for once I broke a cold sweat.
Since I’ve known Master, in blessing I am assured, for disapproval – not upset.

Sadhu bhukha bhaav ka, dhan ka bhookha naahin,
Dhan ka bhookha jo phire, so to Saadhu nahi.
Saint has a hunger for love only, never did saint seek the wealth.
Those who crave wealth and assets, should never be called a Saint.

Saahib sun sab hott hai, bande te kachhu naahin,
Rai te parbat kare, parbat rai mahi.
Along Master each thing is living, chasing folks serves nothing.
Seed becomes mountain for him while mountain worths nothing.

Jyun til mahi tel hai, jyun chakmak mein aag,
Tera Sain tujh mein base, jaag sake to jaag.
Like in sesame exists oil, in crucible dwells wildness of fire…
Your Master too exists within you, should you seek in true desire.

-Dedicated to those of us who seek their Master.


1. Kabir song english translation by Alka P.

What am I?

What am I, if not a dancer around the dancers?

What am I, if not a dancer seeking a dance in infinity?

My heart is a cipher, you are a security.
What am I if not obscure before clarity?
A labyrinthian maze at adventure’s verge.
Whirlpool of walls aching for some sanity.

My heart is a moon, you are a Sun to it.
What am I if not a blip before infinity?
A dead rock oblivious of a life’s perch.
Wasteland seeking stature of desirability.

My heart is a face, you are a smile to it.
What am I if not passive before prosperity?
A shadow in a crowd trifling with the dust.
Wanderer lusting to come across destiny.

My heart is a word, you are a voice in it.
What am I if not lost before an intensity?
A collection of letters behold in a clutch.
Scribblings yearning to posses an identity.

My heart is a time and you are a life in it.
What am I if not a beat before a longevity?
A flow of moments never amounting to much.
Stream on slope longing to become entity.

My heart is a field, you are a rain to it.
What am I if not a void before serenity?
A barren dish holding an age old grudge.
Empty land craving delight in serendipity.

My heart is a lute and you are a melody.
What am I if not a dream before reality?
A blunt instrument starving a warm touch.
Cacophony desiring to become a symphony.

What am I,
if not a part that seeks a whole to dive in?
What am I not,
should you accept me and sink me with-in.

What am I, if not a dancer around the dancers?

What am I, if not a dancer among the dancers in proximity?


– Dedicate to the beloved, who the lover yearns for in each moment.

Art/ Image credits:

1. The Dancing Darvesh by Areesha Khuwaja
2. Whirling Dervish (sunk in colors) – Facebook\Mevlana


The Sanctuary

You are my freedom, you are the concealment.

You are the freedom, you are the concealment.

You are like a weeping cherry tree
in scorching time resembling Sahara.
A reader thirsty and dry seeks
a shade under the wings wide open.
While cooling-off bathing in the
shower of your love – the blossoms.

Wishing time to be forever in your arms…

You are like a tree house in the forest
in period of beastly gloom and noise.
A sightseer slips in and locates a
window to the earth and the heaven.
While inhaling the fumes of foliage and
hearing chorus of beings – the stasis.

Wishing noise to be symphony in your arms…

You are like a rare vintage ride
in holidays of the Christmas.
A writer insomniac tucks in and
discovers the lucid inspirations.
While dreaming, travels in the time,
as reels roll back – the classic.

Wishing vacation to be endless in your arms…

You are like a misty lone highway
in a moonless night of Summer.
A wanderer cruises to trace no man’s
land hearing songs of past galaxies.
While flirting with breeze like leaf,
kissing fluorescent bokeh – the stars.

Wishing light to be resistless in your arms…

You are like an island undiscovered
in eves of the treacherous storm.
A seafarer, stumbles up on the shore
and engages in a dance of serenity.
While learning a heaven unknown,
awes in marvel – the serendipity.

Wishing eves to be speechless in your arms…

You are like a shack of woods
in snow heavy nights of Alaska.
A vagabond slides in, finds a
comfort beside the fire place.
While reading from a window the
spells of the nature – the auroras.

Wishing night to be frozen in your arms…

You are like a holy sanctuary
in times of questions to the past.
A sinner steps in, to confess the
deeds, to sink in heavenly chant.
While, loosing self into mosaics,
baptizing in rhythm – the ambiance.

Wishing questions to be answers in your arms…

I seek you…
In days unreadable,
In hours overflowing,
In restless vacations…
In nights moonless and barren,
In eves of uncertainty – blindness,
In goosebumps-enticing chillness,

At all times of repentance…

… are my safe house.
You are the freedom, you are the concealment.

From havens to the heavens,
my soul has traveled back and forth,
acquiring a youth, losing the age.
You are – everywhere I look,
everything is – where you’re found.

My beloved,
you’re my lotus, my shell, my oasis,
my drive to the peaks,
my journey to the valleys,
you’re my haven – the safest,
my abode for perpetual resting.

Your embrace is my eternal resting place.

Your embrace is my eternal resting place.

– Dedicated to the beloved. And to the lover no ordinary Khwaja “Garib Nawaz” Moinuddin Chishti, a revered Sufi saint whose annual Urs is currently in progress at his shrine in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. ‘Urs’ means wedding, in Sufi metaphors it’s referencing that in death the lover is finally wedded to the beloved, as his light mixed in the eternal ocean. Millions of pilgrims visit his shrine to attend the Urs, an anniversary of a wed-lock that resulted from a mystic bond.

Note: This poem is a sequel to a poem:  “Oh My Beloved!“. Reading poems in succession would make a more absorbing read.

Art/ Image Credits:

1. The Pearl – By Surrealistic Painter, Vladimir Kush.
2. Two intertwined mermaids, Yin-Yang Tattoo.