“Gandalf and Hobbits Of PK”

Once upon a time Gandalf – the wise wizard
was invited to a party of The Hobbits,
It was their leader “The Eldest” hobbit’s birthday.
This was in a land far away, known as ‘PK’.

There were lots of hobbits around,
only few knew Gandalf,
and history of the eldest,
rest – just there to feast and feign.

Gandalf was under the assumption
he’s invited there so that he shares his moral tales
while participating in a big day with charitable acts..

He imagined a gathering of volunteers
for distribution of the food to poor,
prized contests of arts and craft;
maintenance of public properties,
like centers of health and Zen.

Well, he’s wise,
supposed to know how such stuff goes…
you know what they say..
“For wise, nothing’s new, nothing’s mundane”.
Well actually, he did hear once a story
of the last great hobbit who used to do that.

Now of course,
he was a wise wizard with lots of powers,
but who ever has a sure way
to look into a time ahead…
Alas, his expectations
all about to be drained.

In actual what happened
was quite different…
Hobbits did gather,
but to eat and treat.
They just sang songs,
and partied like hell.
None of the Hobbits
were interested in his tales.

Now just before Gandalf
was about to regret the time spent.
Here came a request.
Hobbits wanted the day to be “excellent”….
They were all expecting from Gandalf the “fireworks”.
The wise wizard wondered if Hobbits ever knew
any other creative way to socially engage.

It was strange
everyone eager to spend
their time and energy on games,
all of light and fame..
Probably they’ve
“no hungry, no unclothed,
no unhoused, and no uneducated citizens.”
Gandalf wondered.
Probably the land faraway
was without all social and economical problems.
And he used to think,
he belonged to a wonderland.

Gandalf did abide
and honored all party’s guests.
Only later to more
gravely contemplate.
“Was it him or the hobbits
that became their shallow selves?”
While he was feasting on his
share of the birthday cake.

– Dedicated to Gandalf – the wise, and Hobbits – the every-man.
Gandalf and the Hobbits are work of fiction originally created by J. R. R. Tolkien. Here they’re unofficially borrowed for humor.
Image Credits: “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, a film adaptation by Peter Jackson.

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