Rafta Rafta Woh Meri Hasti Ka Saman Ho Gaye (Unconsciously she became a reason of existence)


In quite an unconscious manner, reason of my existence is what she became.
From life to love of life, from that to love of my entire life she became.

With each passing day her grace, her charm, her vividness started to grow.
From rose to a rose of a garden, from that to rose of the world she became.

The way she started to grow over me, close, more close and the closest…
From my sense to my feelings, then my whole array of emotions she became…

When love crossed all limits in sight, all politeness began to advance..
From “yours” to “yours only”, from that to “forever yours”… she became.

– Tribute to a beyond awesome rendition by none other than Ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan saheb. I hope the liberal translation doesn’t offend any enthusiasts and aficionados.

If an above version is too fast for your tastes, then here’s an audio of the maestro singing it live in Ghazal format…

16 thoughts on “Rafta Rafta Woh Meri Hasti Ka Saman Ho Gaye (Unconsciously she became a reason of existence)

  1. Love it.
    I had heard a part of it often from my aani (aunt), but never the original. Mehdi Hassan Sahab is a true legend for sure.. Enjoyed this pretty much, and *thumbs up* for the amazing work at translating it! 🙂

    • Pleasure is mine. Since you enjoy Mehdi Hassan saheb, I would also recommend another equally unparalleled Ghazal maestro: Ghulam Ali saheb.

      P.S. I didn’t know of many other people who call their aunt: “Aani”.. we do that for ours too, Mom’s sister. 🙂 I just asked my mother about the origin. I had no idea the influence was from Hasina Moin’s serial Tanhaiyan. 😀

      • Haha Tanhaiyan? Even my aani won’t have known that. 😉 Even I became an ‘aani’ too, ten days back. =)

        I think I’ll enjoy Ghulam Ali saheb’s ghazals too. Which one from the entire collection do you find to be the best?

      • Congratulations for Aani part. Hope you be an Aani that sweetly spoils their nieces/ nephews… while allowing them a peek to a world that they’ll cherish forever.

        For Ghulam Ali saheb, you can of course start from the ones that I have translated. They’re all wonderful. Most famous one is: https://alisohani.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/chupke-chupke-raat-din-ghulam-ali-longing-in-secret-those-days-and-nights/

        He has certain sense of humor in him, often he mixes his wit with his tools of trade in live performance to make rendition more melting… I’m sure you’ll like his…
        Hangama kyun hai barpa…
        Awargi – Yeh dil yeh pagal dil mera…
        Dil me ik lehr si uthi hai abhi…

      • Thanks a tonne! 🙂 He’s a boy, and his dada has put his name Abdur Rehman.
        About Ghulam Ali saheb’s ghazals, I will make sure to listen to them too for I really admire the description you have so wonderfully put regarding his works and words!

      • Wonderful name. I hope he grows up smart like her Aani, and lives up to his name. Thanks for reminding me of Ghulam Ali’s Hangama Kyu hai barpa. Thanks to you, I did pick it up for next translation. I hope results are good. 🙂

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