In each corner, breathed, news of our acquaintance (Ku-ba-ku phail gai baat shanasai ki)

– Rendered in his matchless voice by ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan saheb


In each corner, breathed, news of our acquaintance…
He praised me fluently like an imbue of fragrance…

How to reveal everyone, we no longer are – together…
Disclosure however true, is not without displeasance…

Wherever he did leave to, he returned always to me…
This stays a best thing to resort to, in his absence…

May your company be enriched just like your heart is,
May your nights, never be passing through, a solace…

When he placed his hand on my burning forehead,
Right beneath my soul, carried through, his presence…

– Dedicated to the lovers dwelling in the wells of an unrequited love.

Ku-ba-ku phail gai baat shanasai ki.
Us ne Khushboo ki tarah meri pazirai ki.

Kaise kah doon ke mujhe chor diya hai us ne;
Baat to sach hai magar baat hai rusvai ki.

Vo kahin bhi gaya lauTa to mere paas aya;
Bas yahi baat hai achchhi mere harajai ki.

Tera pahalo tere dil ki tarah abad rahe;
Tujh pe guzare na qayamat shab-e-tanhai ki.

Us ne jalati hui peshani pe jo hath rakha;
Rouh tak aa gai taseer maseehai ki.

– Original lyrics by: Parveen Shakir (par excellence Urdu poetess)

Also performed by legendary singer: Abida Parveen, in classically patient tones…

One of the rarest known, but magically elevated rendition… By Yaruq Masood Malik


Verses of Parveen Shakir

Here’s a page for one of my most favorite poetess… Parveen Shakir… Her couplets spell binds one with such a strong hold, one’s propelled to think way beyond words, and pushed to dwell in melancholy, that exists between the lines of the couplets… Following, is my feeble attempt to translate her gems…


تری خوشبو بچھڑ جانے سے پہلے…
میں اپنے آپ میں تجھ کو سمو لوں
― پروین شاکر

Before your fragrance withers away from my embrace,
Come this close that I absorb you with-in my essence!

کس جان گلستاں سے یہ ملنے کی گھڑی تھی…
خوشبو میں نہائی ہوئی اک شام کھڑی تھی
― پروین شاکر

What moment was it, to encounter a life of the heavens,
As eve too conspired, leaking colors in melted patterns.

اب اُن دریچوں پہ گہرے دبیز پردے ہیں…
وہ تاک جھانک کا معصوم سلسلہ بھی گیا
― پروین شاکر

On those windows, now reside blinds permanent,
that once often eves-dropping too is now absent.

تجھ کو کھو کر بھی رہوں ،خلوتِ جاں میں تیری…
جیت پائی ہے محبت نے عجب،مات کے ساتھ
― پروین شاکر

Even after losing you forever, I find myself basked in your yearning.
What sort of win it is for love, that propels even after surrendering..?

I stay soaked in your presence, even though you’re gone forever,
Unique sort of victory is this, it tends to couple with a loss forever!

دیوار سے بیل بڑھ گئی ہے…
پھر کیوں نہ ہَوا میں پھیل جاؤں
― پروین شاکر

The vine has covered whole range of fence…
Wish it dissipates in wind, like an incense…

اس نسل کا ذہن کٹ رہا ہے…
اگلوں نے کٹائے تھے فقط سر
― پروین شاکر

Back in past, for once, we just used to lose our heads,
In this generation, we lose our brains, our competence!

پا زیب سے پیار تھا ، سو میرے…
پاؤں میں سدا بھنور ہی ٹھہرے
― پروین شاکر

From the beginning, I was quite fond of the anklets,
perhaps how my feet never made it out of the vortex.

کھلونے پا لیے ہیں میں نے لیکن…
مرے اندر کا بچہ مر رہا ہے
― پروین شاکر

Though I finally found, my way to the toys,
But a child inside me is loosing its voice…

اُتر رہی ہیں عجب خوشبوئیں رگ و پے میں…
یہ کس کو چھُو کے مرے شہر میں صبا آئی
― پروین شاکر

Basking me all in its glory, and having me all shivering…
Touching whom today, the gusts of wind are blowing…?

بستی میں جتنے آب گزیدہ تھے سب کے سب…
دریا کے رُخ بدلتے ہی تیراک ہو گئے
― پروین شاکر

As soon as the river turned into new direction…
All turned into swimmers, who claimed self as aqua-phobics.

جسم کے تیرہ و آسیب زدہ مندر میں…
دل سرِ شام سُلگ اُٹھتا ہے صندل کی طرح
― پروین شاکر

In a ruined temple of body, ruled by an evil affliction,
The heart burns each evening, with a blind conviction.

یہ غربتیں مری آنکھوں میں کسی اُتری ہیں…
کہ خواب بھی مرے رُخصت ہیں ،رتجگا بھی گیا
― پروین شاکر

My eyes have contracted what new sort of limitedness…
My insomnia is cured, but my sleep is now dreamless…

جھونکے کچھ ایسے تھپکتے ہیں گلوں کے رخسار…
جیسے اس بار تو پت جھڑ سے بچا ہی لیں گے
― پروین شاکر

The gusts of charming wind, caress my cheeks in such manner…
as perhaps this time they would save me from an autumn forever!

– Dedicated of course to the legendary Parveen Shakir

Image credits: Tribute to Parveen Shakir by Doki-Neko at DeviantArt.

The Passion Entrapment (Daira-e-Mohabbat)


In an adolescence of union, settings for a year anew plays well…
In an entrapment of passion, beatings of heart-debut plays well…

With each meeting happens a new vow, for separation – a pledge,
In a wager of romance, offerings of a sweet fondue plays well…

“Did you comprehend gist of emerging whispers, oh pioneer?”
In all its posterity, silence leaves, a laughing dejavu plays well…

Even in depths of canyons, hunting a mirage of sun’s warmth…
For ages of remembrance, craving a point of view plays well…

For all the flames that arise to beguile from a star so distant,
Not loosing a shape or form, a diffusion of hue plays well…

In all its liveliness yet after passing of the centuries in passivity,
Due matters of whole life, ending with a thank-you plays well…

Closing in now, for loving, even the majestic skies of heavens,
Yet for real sense of bonding, only “a tried and true” plays well…

– Dedicated to the passion and its dominating idols…


Urdu Version:

Daira-e-Mohabbat mei dil ho non-e-haal acha hai…
Wasl-e-Mohabbat mei kamsin hai pehla saal acha hai…

Har mulaqat mei qasmei, har judai par waaday…
Labon par qulb-rawani ka gohr-e-kamal acha hai…

Jo poochna sirhanay “Sunni kiya dil ki dhadkhan?”
Be-sakhta unka hansna, kehkar “sawaal acha hai”…

Pasta-e-haal bhi rawaan hon jo ufaq ki umeedein,
Ae umr-e-tehsil teri har soch ka jamal acha hai…

Teergi-e-shab mei uthtay hein musulsul sholay,
Behekti karwato se yaha hosh ka zawaal acha hai…

Laut aatay hein aisey jaisey sadiyo mei bahaar,
Seena-e-pewast per yun do pal ka malal acha hai…

Aagaya qurbat mei Sohani ab saatwaan aasmaan,
Ya Ilahi yeh Ishq-e-mizaaji ka bhi jaal acha hai…

– Dedicated to the idols of love that we create and perish…


Image/ Art Credits:

  1. Concept Art: Branko Bistrovic – A Hunter By Day A Stargazer By Night
  2. Stock image: Boat in bottle
  3. Occupy Love –

This euphoric ambiance, wouldn’t have persisted (Aisa sama na hota)

– This is one of the favorite compositions by R. D. Burman, euphorically sung by goddess of Hindi songs Lata Mangeshkar. Last night this played on FM, of course its spell was inescapable…


This euphoric ambiance,
wouldn’t have persisted…
Nothing would have mattered,
no spell would have existed…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

Weather wouldn’t have been fragrant,
nor fog would have taken over…
Nor this teasing – would have been wind,
uttering poetry in its whisper…
Nor flowers would’ve stitched
an ornament of dew droplets…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

These roads, these valleys,
not even a little they have changed…
Yet totally different are my pathways,
just due to your presence…
Distant dreams, would have
never closed on to my gaze…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

Would we have not met ever,
such spell wouldn’t have taken place…
Whatever would’ve been consequence,
these dreams wouldn’t have excelled..
Hearts would have never closed in
forever to stay amazed…

If my journey wouldn’t have
been along your footsteps…

– Dedicated to an ambiance and nostalgia of the lover’s spell…

Aisa sama na hota
Kuchh bhi yahan na hota
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

Mausam yeh na aata, yoon na chhaati yeh ghata
Aise gungunati, yoon na gaati yeh hawa
Gul shabnam ke moti na piroute
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

Raahein wohi, vaadi wohi badla kuchh nahin
Phir bhi tere milne se hai duniya kyun haseen
Kahin khwabon mein hum gum na hote
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

Hum tum jo na milte, to na chhaata yeh nasha
Hota kuchh bhi hota, yeh na hota jo hua
Yahan milke na dil aise khote
Mere hamrahi jo tum na hote

– Original lyrics by: Anjaan (nom-de-plume of Hindi Lyricist Lalji Pandey).

Lost in translation


In a downpour of words, looking for drops with meaning…

Gigantic structures,
shrinking sight.
Stretched streets,
inescapable sides.

No where to go,
No where to hide,
where-ever you see,
labyrinth infinite!

Unmoved spirits,
animated signs.
Pitch-black contours,
stark neon lights…

Nothing moves,
nothing inspires,
All in flashes,
a moment’s ride.

Blunt emotions,
swift censor knives.
Hyper-bole expressions,
timid cold strife.

No one to confess,
no one to confide..
no one to say “how”,
no one to hear “why”.

Cleanest slogans,
messiest vibes.
Emptying earth,
busying skies.

No well left,
to be sucked dry.
None has clue,
where to side.

Stolen brilliance,
conjured noise.
Shallow longings,
crazy appetites.

Nor sound action,
nor true voice,
till last breath exists,
playing a lice.

Declining morale,
rising heights…
Larger billboards,
confined lives.

No one left,
to fight for rights.
None to catch-up,
with illusion of choice.

Amidst this all,
an alienated existence of a kind,
where heart’s misplaced,
mind’s untied.
Whispering words…
perhaps no one can find…
sharing it with clouds in heaven,
with all green in pines…
with all birds that sing,
and all in nature that shines.

How do you know
to root for which manifestation,
have you found yourself…
or you hunt for your own reflection…
when have you felt, lastly…
lost in translation…

- Dedicated to all those wandering and wondering…

Title of the poem is inspired and lifted from title of one of my favorite films: Sofia Coppola‘s “Lost in translation“.

Caged or free, unable to find self in world I see...

Are you caged, are you free? Can you find yourself in world you see…?

Picture Credits:

1. Promotional shot from film: Lost in Translation
2. Screen-cap from film: Her

Buy me the bewilderment!


Uniformity dwells around in such abundance, have lost touch to recognize symphony anymore…

Too much orderly is the sky, now a days,
I wish you reveal, storm in the veins,
show bird a way, to emerald forest again…

Too many are contented around it seems,
there’s no hint of complain, show your glimpse,
I wish you to mark me a struggler again…

The time is running at an untouchable pace,
I wish you to touch me, and hold me,
guide my way to be the home again…

Life has disbursed into the worldly escapades,
just scatter me around yourself, I wish you
sculpt me a whole again…

My color has begun to be well-known among the rest,
I wish, you just pull me off the scale,
paint me by your dreams again…

I know now how to appeal the world’s sense,
undo me a little in your arms, I wish you
just set me free again…

I know too much of how things will play out in the end,
set me on a spin, I wish you to
turn me into a dust again…

– Dedicated to those who’ve grown tired of certainty, and wish to submerge into mystic uncertainty again!

Moonlight Blue - Foggy Pines

Let me loose some leaves in the air, allow me to feel what is it to live again!

Photo Credits:

  1. Mystic Java (stock wallpaper)
  2. Midnight Blue – Foggy Pines (stock wallpaper)

Few sheets, Few curtains

My dreams duel more for you than they do for another moment…

Playing hide and seek with me…
In bits and pieces, showing a glimmer..
giving me hints like you’re here..
in shadows, a puzzle in making!

Slowly and gradually,
lifting veils, pulling the curtains,
drawing a weapon, from its sheath…
you’re my love, a duel in treading!

Hinting an arrival, turning the hums,
floating on bed of clouds in the wind,
yet making me doubt myself, for hinging…
you’re a silence intruding!

But my love, why put me in such despair?

Do you know not…
I am a bird..!
who even at the day foggiest,
would wait for its sky to appear
right beside the lake…?
To swim through it,
to satiate the thirst…
in desire to taste… what it’s like
to remain untouched by currents of the wind,
but to be drowned in the depths of the ocean, forever…

What else would you call, “the fate of the lover”…?

My love will pierce through, since no light can be kept, nor by sheets nor by curtains…

– Dedicated to what’s often unapproachable, but always near… dreams…

Soundtrack: Bedroom Dreams (From: The Tourist – James Newton Howard)

Photo Credits:

1. Dream Dual – Moon – Stock background
2. Moon-Silver, by Bob Berwyn