In each corner, breathed, news of our acquaintance (Ku-ba-ku phail gai baat shanasai ki)

– Rendered in his matchless voice by ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan saheb


In each corner, breathed, news of our acquaintance…
He praised me fluently like an imbue of fragrance…

How to reveal everyone, we no longer are – together…
Disclosure however true, is not without displeasance…

Wherever he did leave to, he returned always to me…
This stays a best thing to resort to, in his absence…

May your company be enriched just like your heart is,
May your nights, never be passing through, a solace…

When he placed his hand on my burning forehead,
Right beneath my soul, carried through, his presence…

– Dedicated to the lovers dwelling in the wells of an unrequited love.

Ku-ba-ku phail gai baat shanasai ki.
Us ne Khushboo ki tarah meri pazirai ki.

Kaise kah doon ke mujhe chor diya hai us ne;
Baat to sach hai magar baat hai rusvai ki.

Vo kahin bhi gaya lauTa to mere paas aya;
Bas yahi baat hai achchhi mere harajai ki.

Tera pahalo tere dil ki tarah abad rahe;
Tujh pe guzare na qayamat shab-e-tanhai ki.

Us ne jalati hui peshani pe jo hath rakha;
Rouh tak aa gai taseer maseehai ki.

– Original lyrics by: Parveen Shakir (par excellence Urdu poetess)

Also performed by legendary singer: Abida Parveen, in classically patient tones…

One of the rarest known, but magically elevated rendition… By Yaruq Masood Malik

5 thoughts on “In each corner, breathed, news of our acquaintance (Ku-ba-ku phail gai baat shanasai ki)

  1. This is hands down my favourtie ( also the first one) by Parveen Shakir. I haven’t read much of her work, just read/heard bits and pieces when Dad reads. What I love about her work is the simplicity, there’s hardly any complicated phrase/verse, and for me that makes her work beautiful!
    And the translation, you always do it so justly that urdu poetry retains its charm even when the language has been changed. 🙂
    Oh also looks like someone’s back on translation spree. Nice!

    • 🙂 Somehow I knew, you will be the first one to comment on this…
      You are right, whatever work one reads of her, it just melts right in, because of exactly what you pointed out its sheer “Simplicity”…
      Yet thoughts are delivered with certain touch of melancholy and forlorn imagery, that one who’s reading ends up finding self trying to find the way out of a labyrinth, she weaved with her words, perhaps reminiscent of her feelings…

      And Translation spree, yes, you can call it that, let me know if Miss Nawab wants to commission any specific piece! 😀

  2. I wasn’t going to comment on any of the posts here because exams but this piece made me do it. 🙂 that you’ve asked, recently I’ve discovered Jaun Elia’s poetry so anything from his collection would be nice. Or a ghazal by Jagjit Singh named “Koi chaudhvin raat ka chand bankar”. 😀
    Thank You!

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