The Libertine


Even oceans become mere a glass of wine for the libertine…

I wanna sink in the sky,
let oceans be showered on me.
I wanna swim with the birds
let the fishes fly over me…

I would mix my hues in
the colors of the rainbow.
Let world experience triumph
and ecstasy through me.

Surprised be not, for
wanderlust in vicinity.
Be surprised instead, when hear,
a weather inquiry from me.

Feel the nature turning
a sigh into the storm.
Hell of lightning and thunder
is mere a whisper to me.

For a flight of rebellion
through thunder storms,
Trees shy of heaven too
expand their arms for me.

No desire I have to mere
be a carrier of reflection.
Yet, if you imagine then
think of moon, not a lake of me.

The chalice possess contours,
flow of wine isn’t free.
Though born in a shell,
sky breathes sea in me.

Walls and structures melt
for new dawns to brim.
No fruit may remain
long forbidden to me.

‘Might is right’ claims kingdom,
swears the born King.
Felt the Pharaoh deceased
roaming alive near me.

From cradle to grave,
flag is one, one is the lore.
Turning men into sheep,
they refer ‘apostasy’ to me.

Exile me for heresy,
name me ‘the infidel’.
No place I wish among blind,
No rest belongs to me.

Perhaps, an outcast too, will learn
art of pleasing the somber.
Dedicate the book of miracles
for few nights to me.

Leisure invites bewilderment,
passion invites dance…
Clouds turn into cushion,
sky becomes a stage for me.

When sky exhibits seams
and ever separates the colors…
Love dwells not in measures
but in infinities for me.

“Why such steadfastness?”, ask they,
‘Majestic’ replies “Why not…?”
The depths of skies and oceans
store the virgins for me.

– Dedicated to the rule defiers and free thinkers.

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8 thoughts on “The Libertine

  1. “Though born in a shell,
    sky breathes sea in me.” ❤

    This is one beautiful poem. The way you described the free thinkers and the rebels is just superb. Keep writing.

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