This hails from a day (Ye Jab Ki Baat Hai)

– Composed and sang by famous ghazal singer Talat Aziz in a private gathering.


This hails from a day when not
even your shadow was around me.
Traces of your fragrance were in
course to always surround me.

Scattered was my gaze,
dwindling were my footsteps.
These eyes were hunting you
within your dream’s maze.
Forlorn wanderer met its destination,
as your embrace found me.

In each night a solace used to surround
like your tresses.
In each dawn a glow used to be found
like your kisses.
In essence of mine, your beauty
was there always to bound me.

– Dedicated to a serendipity that is found in one’s essence way before one meets it physically.
I found this beautiful poem too in Talat Aziz saheb’s radio program: Caravan-e-Ghazal quite like that.

Yeh jab ki baat hai tum bhi na thay nigahon mei
Tumharay naam ki khushbu thi meri raahon mei.

Bikher rahi thi nigahein, bathak rahay thay qadam.
Tumhi ko doondh rahay thay, tumharay khwaab mei hum.
Hui talaash muqamal tumhaari baahon mei…

Har ek shab mei thi narmi tumharay baalon si
Har ek subha thi roshan tumharay gaalon si
Tumhara husn tha shamil meri wafaon mei…

– Original poem by great Indian Urdu Poet Nida Fazli saheb, written specially for Talat Aziz.


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