Caress my song from your lips (Honthon Se Chulo Tum)

– One of the most famous Ghazals of Maestro Jagjit Singh. (And one of my favorite too, it has a simplest way to show the yearning of a lover. And it just helps that musical composition is marvelous.)


Caress my song from your lips,
bestow it an eternity to live.
Emerge as a beloved of mine,
lend my love eternity to live.

Nor age should be a measure,
nor background a limit to it.
For someone to fall in love,
mere heart be enough for it.

By initiating such custom, you
grant it an eternity to live.

World took away from me,
whatever I desired from it.
Everyone won a place over me
and I always submitted to it.

By loosing your heart to me, you
gift my victory – eternity to live.

Like a sound abandoned in space
my lonely heart has void in it.
With beats of foot bracelets, you,
come along flitting to it.

Lending rhythm of your breathes,
allow music an eternity to live.

– Dedicated to the beloved from a lover in yearning.

Honthon Se Chulo Tum
Meraa Git Amar Kar Do
Ban Jaao Mit Mere
Meri Prit Amar Kar Do

Na Umar Ki Simaa Ho
Na Janam Kaa Ho Bandhan
Jab Pyaar Kare Koi
To Dekhe Keval Man
Na_Ii Rit Chalaakar Tum
Ye Rit Amar Kara Do

Jag Ne Chhinaa Mujhase
Mujhe Jo Bhi Lagaa Pyaaraa
Sab Jitaa Kiye Mujhase
Main Har Dam Hi Haaraa
Tum Haar Ke Dil Apanaa
Meri Jit Amar Kar Do

Aakaash Kaa Suunaapan
Mere Tanahaa Man Men
Paayal Chhanakaati Tum
Aajaao Jivan Men
Saansen Dekar Apani
Sangit Amar Kar Do

– Original lyrics penned by Hindi lyricist Indeevar. Used in Hindi film: Prem Geet.

4 thoughts on “Caress my song from your lips (Honthon Se Chulo Tum)

    • Somehow I had an idea to bring you back from your comment reluctant spree… 😀 I guess it worked. Since you are one of the daily ghazal visitors of the blog. Is translation justified Miss Maqsood? 🙂

      • Lol yeah I am glad you’re translating ghazals more often now 🙂
        Oh yes as always. I firmly believe, in translations ghazals or poems lose their true essence cz they sound too ajnabi for the rhythm. But you make them rhyme and keep the couplets short (usually translations tend to increase the length of the couplets) thus help in retaining most of its essence. So yes justified.
        Looking forward to more ghazals 🙂

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