A Stray Dog


From old comfort zone to your comfort zone… Stray dog made journey of love.

— The story is written in tweet format. I decided to post it on twitter, but then I am not a much of a micro-blogger, so here it is.

  • Once upon a time, a person of grace with kindness in attitude, meets a stray dog in an alley, this dog sits aloof, isolated from other dogs.
  • This dog won’t do much but sit in a corner staring at a person, the stare, that gaze that would follow the person to the end of the street.
  • While other dogs would bark, this dog didn’t. Where other dogs tease, this dog won’t. Yet abnormal stare alone would scare the person most.
  • To keep the teasing dogs away. Person started to keep some cookies along. Person would throw them, dogs would jump, except this dog.
  • So person starts to experiment, like goes near the dog, throws the cookie, but yet no effect. Each day person would go step closer…
  • Until after few days when cookie was offered by hand, dog picks it. Then it creates kind of a bond among them. Person gets comfy with Dog.
  • Dog would even wrestle around with other dogs to keep this person safe. And the person will bring cookies for dog and things like a blanket.
  • Perhaps both Person and Dog bonded on what they shared in eccentricity, they’re both compassionate yet aloof, distant from world around.
  • The person would daily go to the dog, earning the pleasure in taking care of it, and seeing how much dog reciprocated the trust and love.
  • Dog started to care about person this much, that it would see the person through to the home. And person would also love the company a lot.
  • Once a friend asked the person, “What happens to a dog if you move the place? Would you carry dog along like pet, since you’ve such a bond.”
  • Person replied, “Why would I, I don’t like pets. I can’t take care of them. I don’t have time for such stuff, I’m just doing it while I can”
  • Truth was that Person wanted to accept the dog as much in life, but how can one promise someone a future, when one just lives in now.
  • Person still met Dog daily until the day Person left. And dog again was left alone, stranded, aloof in a place where it used to be always.
  • And this Dog would now not dare stare anyone and even in deepest of hunger, won’t even have a bit of cookie offered by someone else’s hand.
  • That… is a fate of stray dog, they never make it home. Job of stray dog is to be known forever as: a rogue, rebel or an alley entertainer.

Ronin (Masterless Samurai) met a Stray Dog …

  • You see, Masterless Samurai, otherwise referred as Ronin, were always referred to as Stray Dogs, because they would wander without purpose.
  • Without master – the retainer, Samurai – no matter how much skilled is of no worth. He’s either a looter, hired assassin or meager vagabond.
  • Under lord’s care Samurai would eat good, sleep good, live good with purpose and direction. The dedication to an art would have meaning.
  • But Ronin is even lesser than a peasant, as peasant would know how to farm and survive, but without lord, skilled warrior would just stray.
  • And such is also a fate of a lover without the beloved, an artist without the audience, and a person competent without the presence of work.
Stray dog dreams and associates self with the humans... Foolish chap.

Stray dog dreams and associates self with the humans… Foolish chap.

– Dedicated to the people who’d dare to love some stray dog, but would never have enough courage to take them home.

Update: 2014 – 04 – 18:

Miss Hina Arshad has recently posted this beautiful poem: “Within” that relates with the story very much. I recommend all to have a read. 🙂

As a follow-up to this story, a poem is published that revolves around the same themes, give a read to: “No One Dies“.

Art/ Image Credits:
1. Casco Viejo Stray Dog (somethingfortheeyes.wordpress.com)
2. Kataoka Dengoemon Takafusa, collection: kuniyoshi_47_ronin (fujiarts.com)
3. Sochi Stray Dog (guardianlv.com)


13 thoughts on “A Stray Dog

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  2. When I started reading this, I thought that it will just be about the stray dog and I was like what’s so special but since I am an animal lover and I just love dogs, I went further to see what is it all about. I was curious to know. And to be very honest, I loved the first part. The fate of the stray dogs is tragic but the worst part is nobody finds this tragedy beautiful or sad. I feel for all the stray cats and the dogs. You excellently portrayed the misery of that poor dog, the way the poor dog thought about that person and how that person just took the love of the dog for granted and how that poor little thing is all broken and won’t ever get attached to anyone for the fear of being left alone. That’s just terribly sad. Now I don’t know much about Ronin but after reading your post I got an idea and I must say that you have done a great job by connecting the two things. Its always good to give an example because it makes your idea stronger and in your case, it totally did. And the last line is just very deep and I loved how you depicted the plight of all struggling artists, all the lovers who never got their love and all the people who have too much to express but are just stagnant and just can’t find work, in just one simple line. Thank you for this inspirational post because after reading this a lot of ideas started popping up in my mind and one of the most important thing for the writer is inspiration. I am totally in love with the concept. And I just read the poem you tagged in this post. Its beautiful too and I am definitely going to give her the feedback. Keep writing you awesome person. 🙂

    • Thank you Rida for such a detailed level of review. I don’t think a writer can wish for anything more.
      It’s never about a stray dog literally. I don’t know how to write the stories, I can just narrate them. This was the easiest and kindest way for me to deliver the message.
      We the people often get addicted to other beings without thinking it through, we fall in love. But love’s crux lies in independence. It’s not love if it ever leaves someone stranded after you’re through with them. It becomes a pleasure that you sought for as long as it could last.
      I am not against giving anything potential a chance, since that only mounts to a bigger regret. But one got to think what would happen to the one at the other end, once you’re out of the picture. If anything, give whatever you can that would make them independent. For me that is an essence of true love. You either make sure you’re consistent or you create something that is. See how artists create the work of art to live forever. 🙂

      • You are most welcome. You are so right. The crux of love lies in independence but unluckily most people are unable to understand it and I really hope to create such a work in future. 🙂

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