Can’t push the heart (Ji Nahi Chahta)

Out of melancholic circumference, can't push the heart.

Out of melancholic circumference, can’t push the heart.

Oh Rose, to depart from your fragrance,
can’t push the heart.
To linger  forever in petals as nuisance,
can’t push the heart.

Preserved the hem from drops
of crescent for ages.
To emerge from river of adolescence,
can’t push the heart.

Dissolved post each union,
like there was no beginning.
To kill before battle gets commence,
can’t push the heart.

In night of separation,
I wedded a queen of longing.
To embrace in night of presence,
can’t push the heart.

What’s wrong in asking few sips,
from chalice of poison?
To pretend a state of abstinence,
can’t push the heart.

In quest of seeking a meaning
to life, wilderness possessed.
To vanish in city’s effervescence,
can’t push the heart.

Raced to the peak of passion,
only to find no soul.
To move ahead of continuance,
can’t push the heart.

Worshiped the sky entire life,
to sight a miracle of clouds.
To drench in perch of heavens,
can’t push the heart.

Swimming birds in air acquired,
an attitude of humans.
To keep floating in sea of vigilance,
can’t push the heart.

Fumes in proximity narrate,
an arrival of spring.
To let go of autumn’s adherence,
can’t push the heart.

Self-weaving a shroud of future,
being indifferent of time.
To accept, wounds heal in patience,
can’t push the heart.

Lost it all, yet never stopped
losing self in dreams.
To rest in world’s acceptance,
can’t push the heart.

A gaze gets frozen on
wet cheeks of the messenger.
To taste salt of correspondence,
can’t push the heart.

From day of inception the saint
observed denial of love.
To compose yet another sentence,
can’t push the heart.

Amidst a crowd made Farhad,
claim for the love majestic.
To fly here off the self-acquittance,
can’t push the heart.

– Dedicated to the heart that always has its own song to sing… Sometimes a pleasure in longing, often a lament in holding back.

To ease the clouds of remembrance, can't push the heart.

To ease the clouds of remembrance, can’t push the heart.

Ghulab teri khushbu se bicharney ko ji nahi chahta.
Un kaliyon mei bhi muqeem honay ko ji nahi chahta.

Bachaliya daman ko roshni ki boondon se umr bhar,
Rait ke darya se bahar aanay ko ji nahi chahta.

Fanna huay har mulaqat mei k goya ibtida na rahi,
Azsar-e-Khayal bhi ji marnay ko ji nahi chahta.

Hijr mei ki mulaqaat malka-e-teergi se humnay,
shab-e-wasl ab hijab giranay ko ji nahi chahta.

Kyun na karein Jaam-e-Zehr ki farmaish ab unsay?
Zabt ki jhoothi kasm khanay ko ji nahi chahta.

Khoj Maqsad-e-Zindagi mei vehshat ne thama haath,
Shehr-e-shor k rang mei rachnay ko ji nahi chahta.

Choti-e-junoon par hua mukaam, raha na saaya saath,
Ab waqt se aagay nikal janay ko ji nahi chahta.

Mudato ki aasmaan se guzarish ghanay baadlon ki,
khultay falsafo mei bheeg janay ko ji nahi chahta.

Fiza mei tertay parindo ne dhaaliya ruup-e-insaan.
Is samandar mei aur theharnay ko ji nahi chahta.

Khushbu-e-pehlu se gumaan hota hai aagayi bahar,
rang-khizaan se alvida honay ko ji nahi chahta.

Uun-e-zeest buntay hein aap, waqt k nahi mohtaj,
zakhm bharjaatay hein, bhoolnay ko ji nahi chahta.

Loota kar bhi sab rehtay thay sapnon mei khoye,
Pa kay sab zindagi mei sonay ko ji nahi chahta.

Deed hogayi munjamid rukhsaar-e-paigamber par,
Khat se namak chakhnay ko ji nahi chahta.

Hosh-e-awal se dekha farishtay ne mohabbat jhutlana.
Jawaab-e-inkaar darj karnay ko ji nahi chahta.

Sar-e-hujoom kia Farhad ne dawa-e-ulfat Sohani,
Hum hein k yaha shanakt khonay ko ji nahi chahta.

To deny the use of love as substance, can't push the heart.

To deny use of love as substance, can’t push the heart.

– Another dedication to my favorite film: Wong War Kai’s “In the Mood for Love“. A film that subtly and very beautifully defines feeling of age-old acquaintance and longing for the love amidst two strangers.

Special thanks to Maria Imran, for reviewing and editing the Urdu part, since my Urdu is pretty weak.

Art/ Image Credits:
(1 and 3) Screen caps from film: “In the Mood for Love”.
(2) A stock image.

8 thoughts on “Can’t push the heart (Ji Nahi Chahta)

  1. Your Urdu isn’t ‘pretty weak’, as your attempt shows. The poetry, imagery, and connections are all wonderfully put. Loved the English version.. each of the fifteen stanzas stand better than each other. 🙂

  2. “From day of inception the saint
    observed denial of love.
    To compose yet another sentence,
    can’t push the heart.”

    Speechless, wonderful as usual.

  3. wow ! The English version is wonderful but Urdu one is more elegant and beautiful. Love the real magic in it… That is what called as real poetry. I am glad people like you are still there to write golden words like that.

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